There’s got to be a beginning to everything…

Hey everyone!

I am pretty new to the blogging world, so I will tell you a little bit about myself. I am 22 and a recent graduate from UNCW – the beautiful Wilmington, NC, and I cannot tell you how much I miss everything about it: the campus, the beach, downtown, and the variety of food! I am a total food fanatic; however, I am consequentially also a total health nut! While at UNCW I majored in Exercise Science, and began to increase my overall passion for health and fitness, which lead me to be slightly paranoid on what I would order at restaurants. This is especially due to the fact that I am a complete control freak (my friends and family would validate that in a heartbeat!), and I always feel like it is important that I know everything that is in my meal. Over the past several months, I have learned some useful swapping tricks to tweak hundreds of recipes to increase their nutritional value and even cut all those unnecessary calories. I believe that the society we live in today spends far too much time with mindless eating. One of the main goals I would like to achieve through this blog is to share how to eat smart, really think about everything that goes into your body, and how it affects your overall well-being (physically and mentally).

While I am obsessed with eating as healthy as possible, I LOVE working out, and advocating physical activity to everyone around me. I believe if you have time in the middle of the day, why bother spend it sitting on your rear when you can get moving and appreciate all that your body is capable of! This idea struck me all the way back when I was about 8 years old when I would constantly mope around the house complaining how bored I was. One day, my dad told me to just look at the bending of my finger and observe how much goes into that one little movement. I gave him the “dad, that is so lame” look, and found amusement in sliding in my socks on our hardwood floors while my mom was cleaning. Karma gave me a one-two punch that day, or more like a push, as I fell and smashed my ankle into our radiator and sprained my ankle. Since that day, I never took my body’s capabilities for granted. Today, I enjoy pushing myself through tough workouts and coming up with new and creative ideas to challenge my body.

This blog marks the first step to my overall goal of making a positive difference in as many lives as I possibly can. Yes, I practice what I preach, I do my absolute best to avoid being a hypocrite – but I will say that I indulge  every now and then, we are all guilty of it. The most important thing is moderation, and avoid binging! I want to inspire people of all ages that it is NEVER too late to make a lifestyle change. A week from now, I will have just moved out to Santa Monica where I hope to begin my journey to improve the lives around me, one person at a time.

I will try to post updates as often as possible with recipe’s, healthy food choices when dining out, exercises, and some of my own positive insights to living a positive and healthy life.


Tell me whatcha think!

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