Operation: Left-overs…finished off with a fantastic Merlot!

Woo today was filled with many “ups” First I was able to workout with my mom – I’m always so happy when she joins me in the gym, because I know she is trying to keep herself healthy through her menopausal years! Afterwards I was trying to think of what to do for lunch…hooray for leftovers! I had gotten some of the vegetables, rice, and guacamole to go last night from Puerto Vallarta; however, since the guac was freshly made, it had already begun to brown up, and I just was not feeling the rice. So, I began to get a little creative by tossing in some spinach and jalapeno onto a pan and added the rest of the left over veggies to heat up and stir-fry together.

leftover fajita with added veggies!

Then I decided to ditch the leftover rice and made some quinoa, and then chopped up a fresh carrot for an uncooked veggie side. I laid the stir-fry over a bed of quinoa and YUM-O! It made lunch so delicious!!

stir-fried veggies over a bed of quinoa. fresh and delicious!!

Later on I was beginning to feel the mid-day afternoon slump. That time between 3 and 4pm when you just feel drained; no matter how much or how little you have done that day, you just feel like being a bum. I decided to convince my mom to go for a walk, while I went for a run on our bike trail behind our house. Now, I first of all have never run more than 3/3.5 miles…and the last time I ran was over 2 1/2 weeks ago when I was still living in North Carolina. I was VERY nervous on what I was still capable of. I tried running on the treadmill at the gym, but I just got bored so fast each time. I began my run very weak, my ankles felt slightly uneasy as if they would give out, and my pace was slower than normal. Then after a few minutes, Flo Rida’s Who that Girl came on my iPod shuffle, and boy did that uplift me. I was able to complete about 2 miles without exhaustion at all! It was a miracle! I wasn’t out of breath, and I wasn’t all that sweaty — this is quite unheard of for me after I run. I was overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude towards my body for being able to accomplish a run like that after a 2 week hiatus.  The only issue I had was dirt and pollen in my eyes, nose, and mouth thanks to the wind 😛
Now I have to say, whether you consider yourself a runner or not; everyone should do it. If you have weak joints, try it on the sand or along the grass. For some reason after I run, even when I absolutely dread it in the beginning, I just become overwhelmed with endorphins – it’s a cheap and quick anti-depressant. Who needs pills when all you really need is a great pair of running shoes?!

Later on I went to meet up with Cameron, one of my close friends from high school, for Happy Hour at Cuvee in West Hartford, CT. They have fantastic happy hour deals, where their whole menu is 1/2 priced!! But beware, their service is SO slow! Any who, while I pondered the idea of a tasty Bellini Martini (yum!! 🙂 ), I opted to have a Merlot (the darker the wine, the more antioxidants) – originally $8 a glass, ended up being only 4 bucks! For a bite to eat I wanted to get the veggie sushi roll just sans rice, so it would just be the veggies wrapped in nori – unfortunately they were unable to do this…so I ended up getting the summer salad with the dressing on the side. ALWAYS order dressing on the side, it is so easy to destroy any seemingly healthy salad by drenching it in dressing.

Merlot & Summer Salad

It was light,  yet delicious. The combination of the goat cheese and strawberries creates such a fantastic combination, oh my goodness!!
After saying my good-byes to such a dear friend (and wishing him best of luck as he begins law school in the fall at UConn) I headed home for some more food :). I didn’t get home until around 8, so that seemed a little late for me to make up another salad, so I opted for some dessert (hey, I needed to reward myself for getting back to running somehow!). I chopped up half an empire apple into small bits, added about a table-spoon full of vanilla whey protein and a couple of dashes of cinnamon and popped it into the microwave to heat up for about 30 seconds. Then I topped it with 2 tablespoons of rich french vanilla ice cream from Purity Ice Cream and added a few more sprinkles of cinnamon. SIDE-NOTE: if you are ever in the upstate New York area, you MUST stop by Purity Ice Cream in Ithaca, NY. They offer up rich and pure homemade ice cream, and it is just complete heaven! I don’t think I have ever had a flavor I did not like…and the Lane family is pretty AWESOME!
Any who, my apple pie, minus the pie creation turned out FANTASTIC:

warm yummy goodness!!!!

After devouring this little bowl of yumminess, I may have sneaked a few more spoonfuls of ice cream, and decided to finish my night off with some chamomile tea before I call it a night 🙂
Goodnight readers!

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