Something Fishy, and quite delic-y!

What a beautiful sunny day it was! Rather than spend it outside with a great book and coffee, I ended up running around all day — but hey, at least I wasn’t lazy!

Panera Bread
I met up with my boyfriend’s mom and sister for lunch at Panera, which I was so excited to do for two reasons: First, I absolutely adore them, and because Panera has begun to get a bad rep for their high-cal & high-fat options. Well I made it a quest to come up with the healthiest and most satisfying order that I could find. Lucky for me, they offer all their nutritional info on their website (Health Tip: always do your research on a restaurant’s menu before you go there). I ended up doing the “Choose 2” option and got  a classic salad, dressing on the side, and a smoked turkey sandwich on a whole grain bagette with spicy brown mustard. As I mentioned before, if you are ever offered a side, only choose a fruit or veggie. So when offered a side of either bread, chips, or an apple – I went for the apple.

classic salad, smoked turkey sandwich, apple -- a well rounded lunch!

After a great lunch and catch-up session with two awesome ladies, I hit the grocery store to pick up some stuff for dinner. I have had this recipe for Crab Stuffed Poblano Peppersthat I got from Shape Magazine. Well when I got to the grocery store, I thought I would get a little creative and switch it up by getting Mahi Mahi and ditching the breadcrumbs, ditching the excess sour cream and cheese, and increasing the peppers! I ended up only making the fishy pepper stuffing enough for 3 poblano pepper halves, when I was supposed to stuff 6 for 3 complete servings. Well, not having enough time to make more, I just tossed a bunch of vegetables into a pan to stir-fry.

baked & shredded mahi mahi, sour cream, roasted peppers, parm. cheese..all ready to get mashed up!all ready for the oven!!mmmmm random assortment of veggies drizzled with a little bit of lemon juice!yyyyyyyuuuummmm--aaayy!

I was very shocked at how well the flavors blended together, and it was all incredibly healthy! You can find my full recipe in detail at my Foodbuzz page.

Well I am going to keep this post short and sweet because I am a very tired girl, and have another long day ahead of me, and a TON of packing (Tuesday=Santa Monica! ahhh!!)

Tell me whatcha think!

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