Accompany yourself with health and fitness during your next flight.

Tomorrow morning…actually in about 7 hours I will be flying cross country from CT to CA to begin a new chapter in my life. Unlike the traditional college graduate, I did not last more than a few weeks living at my parent’s house, so I packed as many belongings as possible in preparation to get on that plane in the AM (yes, this move was planned a few months ago – I wouldn’t label myself THAT adventurous!)
Now I am a total health nut, but a total sucker for snacking on whatever is available (i.e. candy). In preparation for my 8 or so hours of traveling I made sure to chop and pack a container of veggies (carrots, celery, and tons of peppers), hummus, a container of fruit, a KIND bar, and my new apple sandwich bites – these are fantastic! I normally have oatmeal with apples and cinnamon each morning, and since I will be on the plane when I normally have breakfast I figured I would try to fashion something a little more portable:
-Slice up an apple, and separate them between pairs. Spread some natural peanut butter on one side of each one and sprinkle rolled oats – put the slices together for a power packed apple sandwich! YUMM 🙂

I could not wait to gobble these up!

While it is also important to pack up healthy food to avoid the common traveler impulse munchies, it is equally important to pack along some fitness. Now, while I am searching for a job as a personal trainer in Santa Monica (it’s not so easy to get hired before actually meeting a person), I will be at a loss when it comes down to having access to a gym when I get out there. Ergo, I made sure to pack a few light-weight essentials:
-running shoes – maybe I’ll do a few laps during my layover, Philly does has a large airport
-resistance bands – these can allow you to do some bicep curls during that long flight, and if you have an extra, offer it up to the guy sitting next to you, instant gym buddy!
-stability fitness ball (deflated before packing of course!) — if you do have it inflated, it can definitely help out with those core exercises on the plane, especially with plenty of turbulence!

Now, all joking aside, these few items can definitely help keep you on track whether you’re moving somewhere new, on vacation, or having to go on business trips without access to a nearby gym. You will have that beach bod in no time at all! 🙂
Safe travels!


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