Running Shoes – Treat them like your Porsche

First off, while I made it into the new chapter of my life by moving out to California — it is a total pain in the butt to get hired in a timely manner. And I can tell you one thing, while I am so thankful that my boyfriend is able to work full-time at a job he loves and makes great money, I could never make it as a housewife. It has been about a week since the big move, and my daily routine is as follows: quick run with Mat, breakfast, then he leaves for the day while I spend quite a lot of time schmoozing with Craigslist and a nice big mug of coffee.

Every now and then I take breaks to set a few things up around the apartment, but then it is right back to the computer and my resume. By 2:30 / 3:00 I take my afternoon run which either consists of running about 1.5 miles around town where I end up at either Trader Joe’s or Farm Boy (GREAT PRODUCE!!), shop for a few items and walk back home. It is very convenient having both places in close proximity, especially since I lack a vehicle – not to mention, it helps with the fact that Mat and I have yet to purchase a gym membership (we need to make sure we can pay next month’s rent first!), so it helps keep me active, and kills time! From there, I normally get back and ponder the possibilities of what I can make us for dinner for when Mat gets home.

Now that what a normal day has been like; yesterday, on the other hand was a little bit more adventurous :). Spent the morning on our 1.5 mile run, did some more job searches, filled out more applications, etc. – the usual. But as noon came around, the sun was shining so brightly outside (it has been a dreary overcast just about every day since I’ve been here). I decided today would be a day for a nice long run (or at least what I would consider to be long!) I dusted off my good running shoes and headed out – I went wherever the crosswalks took me, and it ended up being just under 3.5 miles, which has been the furthest I’ve fully been able to do without stopping! I owe it all to my amazing Brooks running shoes! and the dry air that California supplies (I’m used the the heavy humidity).

It is so important to treat your running shoes as if they were your prized sports car; they can take only so many miles before they are unable to offer the proper support to prevent injury. Running shoes will normally last around 6 months for regular runners, or around 300 miles (give or take). The cost of quality running shoes can run quite high, adn if you’re a penny pincher like myself, you will want to hold onto those babies for as long as possible. I don’t consider myself a long distance runner, and I try to get a good run in here and there. But I NEVER use my running shoes for anything but running. Each step adds up quickly when it comes to wear and tear. So when I do my quick morning runs around the park (which is somewhat of a dirt path), or when I’m just running to the store and walking back, I use my older shoes which have gotten their fair share of wear and tear.

I say this because I see so many frequent gym-goers wearing brand new running shoes (I’m talking Mizunos, Brooks, Saucony, etc) in the gym, far from the treadmill. Do not waste your money on top quality running shoes until you plan to actually run in them. For putzing around the gym and lifing weights, you should be donning sneakers made for training purposes. . It can run you up in price, but your body will thank you tremendously for using those running shoes for just that.

That’s my little rant and rave about running shoes 🙂 You CAN purchase a top quality pair if you search in the correct places – I found my Brooks on clearance for only $35! Best impulse buy I have ever made…and those babies have taken me through my first and second 5k races, and placed within my age group (and accomplishment I had never expected).

Remember: Don’t waste petty miles on your running shoes, keep them going as long as you can!

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