Give it up to the housewives!

As I mentioned in my previous post, this past week I have learned that I could never make it as a housewife! It might be because I don’t have access to a car, or have cable set up yet, but man do I get cabin fever!! I have found myself going on mid-day runs, or just walking a few miles to pick up a few miscellaneous grocery items at Trader Joe’s just to kill some time throughout my day, until Mat comes home. While I do love cooking and baking, I more so enjoy the anticipation throughout the day until I get to come home and cook up a fantastic meal — rather than watch the time ease by until I can start lunch or dinner.
Hopefully this limbo stage will not last much longer, and someone decides to take me a little seriously as a trainer, or makes room in their gym for one more cute trainer such as myself :).
I have had an epiphany recently: I could seriously care less about the pay (as long as I can pay my share of rent, that is). It is more a matter of keeping myself busy. I get so irritated I listen to those complain about how they dont get paid enough for what they do. Well why not take a look at it in this perspective: #1, be thankful you have a job when the market is SO competitive in just about any area; #2 appreciate the fact that you have something to do each day, you’re not stuck at home being a total bum watching t.v. and allowing your life to pass by without any meaning. I could make minimum wage for all I care, as long as I can be kept busy – and at the end of the day I know I have done a job well done and I did not waste it.
So here’s to the housewives who are able to keep themselves busy at home each day and not going totally insane. Like I said earlier, I have only done it for a week and cannot handle it…so props to you ladies!!

Tell me whatcha think!

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