Happiness can always be found in the Land of Yogurt

After a long day of driving all around LA for interviews, and scarfing down my lunch in the car during Friday lunch-hour traffic, I decided to make myself a nice little dinner to go to eat at the Santa Monica pier while I waited for Mat to close up shop down there. I decided to make little tuna lettuce wraps (or at least attempt to!). I grabbed a head of red lettuce and pondered how to carefully create a wrap without destroying the leaf. Eventually I just cut them in half so that the fold would be in the middle. I mixed my canned tuna with some tomato basil hummus (compliments of Trader Joe’s), and distributed it evenly onto the cut up lettuce. Then I added in some thinly sliced vegetables (I used grape tomatoes, asparagus, and sweet pepper), and carefully folded the ends of the lettuce and secured it with a toothpick. They actually held together MUCH better than I had anticipated.

This is what they look like before wrapping them up - the middle one if the finished product

These little guys are perfect for little appetizers / side dishes, or if you make enough of them you can just have a nice big meal! Right before I dashed out the door to bear the freeway traffic, I decided to include a quick stir-fry in my to-go dinner (not pictured, sorry!) so I tossed some onions, mushrooms, jalapeno, and asparagus in my pan (it took maybe 5 minutes), scooped it into a mini container, and off I went!

It was so windy at the pier! Luckily, Mat let me sit in the store so that I could enjoy my dinner – yum yum yum! I am definitely making these little critters again very soon!
Mat ended up doing very  well in sales at the pier and was able get a commission percentage for the day’s total (He can make a certain percentage in commission depending on how much he makes in sales), so as a treat I decided to treat him to YOGURTLAND!!! (and after my long day I could definitely use a refreshing sweet treat!)

What’s Yogurtland?!?

Yogurtland is by far our new obsession…and even worse, it is only about 1.5 miles from out apartment. They are a self-serve frozen yogurt joint, with several locations across the U.S. offering up the freshest fro-yo! They have about 10 or so flavors to choose from at our location with a large variety of toppings. They even list all of their nutritional information for all of their flavors on their website , which could cause you to stray away from some of their flavors when seeing how much sugar is in some of their flavors — but they do have some no sugar added options. My favorite is the French Vanilla – it goes with just about every topping, even though I try to be very good and just get fruit…and maybe a few chocolate chips here and there 🙂  The best part, it is only 33 cents per oz!! This makes it super cheap, especially since we are used to paying much more by the oz. back in Wilmington, NC.

Mine is on the left, Mat's is on the right...he can NEVER resist filling the whole cup up!

Mat’s is always a huge assortment of vanilla, guava, mango, strawberries, and graham crackers, and whatever else he decides to put in there with an assortment of toppings, and there’s always at least one gummy worm somewhere in his…goofball 😛
While I usually try to just get the French Vanilla with fruit, I decided to try something yummy out. I filled one side with my usual french vanilla, and on the other side of the cup I put in the graham cracker (they actually have real graham cracker in the fro-yo, its not artificial flavoring!). The vanilla side I added in some yummy fruit, but on the graham cracker side I tried to make a smores concoction with chocolate chips and while i searched all over for marshmallow there were none!! I opted to try and substitute by adding in mochi (little Japenese  rice cakes that are mushed and molded) which look similar to marshmallow bites. While they were sweet and tasty, it just wasn’t the same.

my semi-healthy addiction 🙂

Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed each and every bite! I HIGHLY recommend this place. They use real fresh ingredients for both their toppings and their frozen yogurt, rather than utilizing artificial flavoring, and they are considerably healthy – for dessert.
Each time we go in there, we are always impressed at how well-kept and clean everything is, and their employees are always in such a great mood – how can you not be when you work at the yummiest place in Sherman Oaks?!
Now my one warning: proceed with caution on the weekends, the line will more than likely be out the door!!

I have yet to try the well-known Pinkberry, but for some reason I do not feel like I am missing much. I will have to let you know when I do try it…as well as several other fro-yo spots scattered throughout L.A.


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