Not Your Average Walk in the Park

So I did a little make-over to my blog, I hope you don’t mind (I get bored easily, so it may change sometime soon again).
Normally Mat and I try to stay active over the weekends, and when we went to school in North Carolina, we used to go for a walk around Hugh McRae park on Sunday mornings when neither of us would have to work. We figured instead of going to the park near by, which we run most mornings, we thought it would be a fun idea to go hiking! We took the advice of Mat’s cousin that Runyon Canyon is a great spot to hike; I was super pumped…and had NO idea what I was about to get myself into.

The canyon is located right in the Hollywood the hike to get to the start of the trails was tough enough! Then, being the active people we are, we figured we could easily tackle down the difficult route (we did have easier options). Within the first few minutes, my heart was pounding as we hiked straight up….about thirty minutes later we finally made it!


We tried to maintain a steady “fast” pace to maintain workout-mode all the way, and I tell you…it was deffinitely a workout! I can already feel pain in my quads!

The view was beyond worth the hike

After this heart pounding hike, we decided we were well in need of some lunch! We got back to the car where I checked out my urban spoon (one of my favorite apps!!), and decided to try Cafe Muse.
This pleasantly quaint restaurant was so perfect. I would say it is definitely your typical Hollywood Yogi.  The ambiance of the place is pretty eccentric, relaxed, and full of art. I was surprised at how quiet everyone was, it was so easy to hold a conversation with Mat where we didn’t have to talk over the noise of people around us. After pondering through the menu, I decided on the Chicken Fajita wrap on whole wheat, with guacamole on the side, and a salad as my side dish. Now one thing to note about this place, everything is vegetarian – the chicken was really “veggie chicken.”
The service was very quick (we waited about maybe 10 minutes), and boy was I impressed in the presentation and portion size of my lunch, I could not wait to dig in!!

get in my belly pronto!!

There was no stinginess to report from this meal. Their side salad was top quality, and lots of it. However, I do think the last misunderstood me when I asked for guac on the side; I did get some on the side, but also still on the sandwich. I was still incredibly good though. And, I was very impressed at how the veggie chicken tasted. Overall, this was fantastic; not to mention just what I needed after that hike!

After lunch, Mat got called into work at the Pier so I decided to get a little grocery shopping done for dinner tonight.
Guess how much I paid for all this produce:

bok choy, yellow squash, bananas, mushrooms, huge container of spinach, blackberries, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, and 3lb bag of apples.

Only 14.35!!!!!! And thats AFTER the 10% sales tax! If you’re in the Sherman Oaks, CA area and want a great deal on good produce, go to Farm Boy, they have the best deals I have seen yet! Not only do they have a great variety of fresh and affordable produce, they have a self serve frozen yogurt station with 4 flavors and several toppings to choose from, and they also have a sushi take-and-go station. They even have their sushi chef available for custom orders – very convenient for picky sushi people, like myself. However, I should warn  you that it is a very small store, so you have to have a little patience while getting to the items that you need.

Well, I am off to shower and get dinner started…It’s going to be something sweet and spicy, and definitely delicious 🙂 stay tuned!!

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