Sweet & Spicy

Last night I wanted to make a special dinner since Sundays are pretty much the only day lately that Mat and I have together. Unfortunately there was a slight SNAFU at work, where he had to go in for a few hours – so I settled for making dinner a little late. I decided to try something slightly adventurous: sweet and spicy shrimp with, you guessed it, tons of veggies! I have experiemented with the idea of mangoes and jalapenos stir-fried for a complex flavor, so I figured I could mix in some shrimp to make a meal out of it.

Sweet...meet spicy

I prepped my pan with a few spritz of olive oil spray…then tossed those in with some onions, red, green and orange bell peppers, broccoli , grape tomatoes, and of course the shrimp (approx. 12 medium shrimp). I sprinkled a little yellow curry powder as well as chili powder over the mixture to add a little more complexity. That is probably one of my favorite things I like to think about when I am cooking /eating: complexity. I love the blend of flavors intertwining with one-another…as long as they pair well, that is!
While stir-frying everything, my mixture began to get slightly dry. This does happen quite often, but I will let you in on my little secret to avoid adding in sauces or extra oil...just squirt a little water over the mixture! The thing about water is that it just provides the moisture without masking the flavor of whatever you are mixing up. AND by doing so, you are preventing yourself any unnecessary fat, sodium, cholesterol, etc.

sweet and spicy and oh so tasty!

It turned out slightly spicier than I had expected, I probably should have cut back on the jalapenos (but I just love them!!). This paired perfectly with a glass of Pinot Noir…and a cool glass of water to help cool our mouths off! 🙂

Now, TODAY is Meatless Monday! I hope you all are joining in on the act to help incorporate healthier habits into your lifestyle!  So far I have participated accordingly: I started the morning off with my rolled oats with a cut up apple, vanilla protein and cinnamon (my usual!), and for lunch it was a PBJ and a baggie full of veggies. My snack so far has been a pure bar and an ice coffee which I am currently enjoying  every bit of..and tonight it will be yet another stir-fry, chock full of veggies.  I would LOVE to hear how you guys are taking part in Meatless Monday – feel free to drop a comment or an e-mail!!

Enjoy this beautiful day!

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