In a crunch to get a job!!

Now I have been living in LA for about two weeks now, and unemployed since my college graduation. Let me tell you: this has been by far the longest amount of time that I have not held a job! Not only is income a good thing (and a necessity when moving out of your parents house), but employment is actually what keeps me sane! I get a little crazy when I am bored :)! The past week and a half I have gotten to see the majority of LA; driving from one area to the next for multiple initial interviews, followups, etc. Yesterday morning, I woke up feeling somewhat useless…why hasn’t anyone hired me?!?! I am a hard worker, beyond personable,  and above all, willing to work full-time at minimum wage!

I had dropped Mat off at work with plenty of time to spare before my first interview of the day, so I treated us to some Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf – quite possibly one of the best coffees I have ever had, Mat has gotten me hooked on it!  This was the perfect mid morning boost that I needed: French Vanilla Coffee

Next time it will be a large...I devoured that thing too fast 🙂

Side Note: While coffee is known to be healthy, it is important to understand that studies are only talking about the  COFFEE portion…NOT the milk, cream, or sugar. Try to grab the benefits of coffee, as is…it can be an acquired taste, but you can definitely get used to it. Hey, if I can get Mat to so from super sugary coffee drinks, to black coffee..anyone can do it!

The rest of the morning / day had me dragged all around the place! Sherman Oaks to Santa Monica, to Hollywood, back to Sherman Oaks, out to Glendale, back to Hollywood, back to Santa Monica, and finally back home to Sherman Oaks…insert a few instances of getting lost and stuck in traffic, and that is a full-packed day! BUT by the end of it all…I FINALLY LANDED A JOB!!! Celebration rightfully took place at Yogurtland, and I get to start…in an hour at Crunch Fitness!

Hope you all have a fantastic day! And remember, the best things in life come after quite a bit of struggle; it will all work itself out in the end when you LEAST expect it 🙂

Tell me whatcha think!

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