Rejections Lead to Bigger and Better

It was SO great to not be stuck at home or running from interview to interview yesterday! However, I do have to get used to getting up at 5 am again to get everything ready for the day again! I had to be at my orientation at 8am, and with LA traffic we had to leave around 7 to make sure I arrived in a timely manner (fyi, we live about 15-20 minutes away without traffic – that’s how bad it can be). The morning flew by as we discussed the history and business of Crunch Gym, and I had an epiphany – the best things in life really do come from rejection. When I got rejected from my top two graduate schools, I was devastated. But an old friend from high school told me that not getting what you’ve hoped for, generally leads to an even better opportunity. Lately I have begun to realize how satisfied I am with rethinking some of my options. In fact, I have considered to be more on the preventative side (hence personal training), rather than the aftermath in terms of health. I feel completely blessed to have been given this opportunity: moving and experiencing the opposite coast, a completely different lifestyle, and being welcomed into such an upbeat job. There have been several strenuous bumps in the trail along the way, but they have brought me to where I currently am – which is happy.

After my morning of training, Mat and I decided to get some lunch and do a little shopping. We ate at Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill, and while this is a chain restaurant throughout the West Coast, I was very impressed at how fresh they offered to make my meal. I ordered the Chicken Lettuce wrap with sesame lime cole-slaw, which they were SO nice as to use water instead of oil on the grilled vegetables (my kind of place!!). The cole-slaw was simple and sweet, complimenting my veggies, chicken and hot sauce perfectly!


Sharky’s also offers up a self serve selection of fresh salsa. I grabbed their hot and spicy, roasted vegetable, and pico de gallo. All three were fantastic, and tasted great mixed in with my chicken.  Overall, I would give them a 4/5 (since, I am personally not a fan of chain restaurants) and highly reccomend stopping at one of their locations on the West Coast!

Later we went out to Santa Monica  for the evening, as Mat had to work, so I hung around in Coffee Bean to work on my “dotFit” certification – an AWESOME nutrition and fitness application that Crunch utilizes. I cannot wait to get some clients on this program! While we hit a huge chunk of traffic on the way to the shore, it was well worth it to get stuck behind this guy…


We got a kick out of this guy; oh the characters in LA….

Now I do have one tip for those of you who want to get some work in the evening in Santa Monica – only go to a coffee shop located on the 3rd street promenade…never on a side street. I warn you because you will be surrounded by rude and cranky individuals who do nothing but blatantly complain. The Coffee Bean on 2nd and Santa Monica is nice only if you stop by in the morning…otherwise, just go up another street to the promenade; you will be glad you did! Plus the ambiance of the promenade is very pleasing 🙂

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