Yogurtland: Undefeated.

Last night Mat and I figured we would venture away from YogurtLand and try something new, and I insisted that it be self-serve so I control how much of which flavor I get. After searching online, we saw many good reviews for Tutti Fruitti. Needless to say it was not even worth taking a picture of. Out of the 6 available flavors, the only one that caught my eye was the No Sugar Added Taitian Vanilla. And as for the toppings, they were lacking two key things: variety and freshness. Their candy toppings looked old, and most of their fruit were clearly straight out of a can. Saddened by the quality, I topped off my fro-yo with some strawberries and blackberries and settled. We decided Tutti Fruitti will not be recieving any more business from us.

Tonight, since Mat got home a little late from work I just tossed in a Kashi Roasted Vegetable Pizza into the oven. Of course I threw on a handful of extra vegetables 😉

Plus one more piece that I couldn't resist to leave out of my belly 🙂

I feel like many frozen / premade meals really rip you off on the veggie portions – one of the most important foods to have a high volume of in your diet! Helpful Hint: when consuming any pre-made meal, add in additional vegetables to help meet your daily quota. Especially in the “unfavored” meals such as pizza; adding as many vegetables is probably the least you can do help improve its nutrient density. Plus, it helps add so much delicious flavor! I added on spinach, sweet peppers, and mushrooms onto this one, yum yum!

After dinner we headed over to Best Buy to look for a little Netbook that I can carry around easier with me throughout the day. Of course, once I decided on one, they were out of stock; sadly causing us to leave empty handed. However, I thought our luck would turn around once I decided to treat Mat to Humphrey Yogart, a frozen yogurt spot that puts a different spin on the chilly treat. The concept was pretty cool: you choose your yogurt base (vanilla, vanilla tart, or chocolate) and then choose one or a few “toppings” which they actually blend in the frozen yogurt to create your own soft serve flavor.

frozen little sweet treats!

I chose the sweet vanilla and had them mix in raspberries and blueberries and added chocolate chips as a topping. Mat chose a much better one than mine: vanilla tart with banana and graham cracker mixed in, with some chocolate chips ontop. Both together were just under 8 bucks – they charge for each mix-in and topping, a little pricey, but not too outrageous. Mine was not too shabby, but I definitely enjoyed Mat’s a little better.
While we did like the concept they offered to their customers; we were not completely blown away.
I guess this is what happens when you experience something so amazing where it is nearly impossible to compare.
All hail Yogurtland for now.

If you have not been able to tell, I have a slight obsession with frozen yogurt. While it may not be all that better than regular ice cream, due to sugar content, I love the idea of a sweet cold treat where I get to mix in fun flavors and toppings. I am on a mission: the search for the best frozen yogurt spot in the LA area.  This could take a while 🙂

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