Summer Saturday Adventures!

I love mutual days off – neither of us had to work today so Mat and I figured we would spend the day with some fun adventures! First up…IKEA! There is never a dull moment in that place – we’re your typical couple who enjoy going through the store picking out furniture and appliances for out hypothetical house 🙂 However, we did end up buying a few things for the apartment. Next was Best Buy to look for a netbook…..but we left with a TV instead. A 299.99 tv marked down to 139, and since it had been labeled as an open item, we got an additional 10% off! SCORE! Now we finally have a tv for the bedroom to drown out the noise of our lovely neighbors.

Afterwards we had a huge appetite for a good fresh sandwich. We stumbled upon this nice little joint called The Chop Stop. They have you pick out the salad ingredients you want and they freshly chop it up right there for you. Then, you have an option of getting it wrapped up in a wheat tortilla….which we definitely did 🙂 While it did take a while to get our food, or at least it seemed that way because we were so hungry, it was well worth the standing around:

My tasty tortilla filled with lettuce, turkey, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapenos, and mushrooms

We were so impressed at the quality of our lunch from a place we had never heard of…we didnt even see it on urbanspoon! Afterwards, we continued our Saturday adventure and headed to the L.A. ZOO, which was huge! We spent quite a while walking all around checking out animals, when we discovered we were probably the only ones who did not come with kids. But we did find it amusing when the parents seemed more enthusiastic / excited than their children were to see soem of the exhibits. This place was huge; and caused for a good incline workout as there were constant hills leading towards different exhibits. After a few hours walking around in the sunny heat, we were in need of something cool and refreshing! We stopped at Farm Boy to finally try their frozen yogurt (I always restrain myself to giving in to sweets when I go there for produce). This was fantastic! You could actually taste that it was simply real yogurt, frozen, and softened! They had a small, yet fresh selection of toppings, and at .39 cents an ounce, it was well worth it!

ahh so refreshing!!!

I got plain and strawberry, and mixed in a berry variety, banana, almond slices, and some sunflower seeds. So well deserved after playing around the zoo all day in the hot hot heat!! This is the perfect mid-day treat, since it is not your typical dessert frozen yogurt – which makes it way less of a guilty pleasure. None the less, it still does not beat our top choice, but I will rank it as #2 for sure! I must say, Farm Boy is definitely a hidden gem in Sherman Oaks – great quality cheap produce, friendly customer service, delicious self-serve  fro-yo…and next up we will be trying their custom-made sushi! Afterwards we headed home so I could whip up some dinner: A pasta dish with my own made sauce – chopped grape tomatoes with basil, oregano, and a few sprays of EVOO all heated up in a pan. From there I grilled an assortment of vegetables on our little foreman to toss in, as well as a few medium shrimp that we had left over 🙂 I must say, this turned out totally fabulous:

bon appetit!!

Veggies of choice:

  • Red, Yellow, and Orange Bell Pepper (grilled)
  • Yellow Onion (grilled)
  • Spinach
  • Red leaf lettuce
  • Zucchini (grilled)
  • Summer Squash (grilled)
  • Grape Tomatoes (diced heated on low with oregano & basil)

Mix in the pasta and cooked shrimp into the vegetable mixture, allow to simmer on medium heat until the juices mix throughout the pasta. If the mixture seems a little dry – spritz a little olive oil (make sure you use a spray, NOT from the bottle), and drizzle some water over it to loosen it up. Sprinkle over a little Mozzarella cheese to melt within the mixture to add a little creaminess. This dish is great for the beginning of the summer with the fun colors and sweet fresh flavors marinating your taste-buds 🙂

Now I’m off to enjoy our new t.v. with a nice big bowl of popcorn ( air-popped, not bagged!) and get ready for another Sunday hike in the morning!!!


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