My new “Chicken” Addiction

I hope you guys have started your swap challenge! Sorry for the delay in my daily post; it was quite a long day!  And it was the first day that I got to interact with clients at my job (little happy dance!!). I have begun to get used to the life of a carpooling commuter, and I have grown VERY fond of the carpooling lane. We finally got it down to whoever has to be at work later drives the other in – yesterday was my driving day!
I began the day with a morning workout, main focus: upperbody. My strength and conditioning portion was a little choppy throughout the day due to the trainers I observed with, but I will let you all in on a great upper body warm-up that will really get your heart pumping!

Rowing Machine Intervals (15 minutes):
Crunch only has one of these, but luckily I never see anyone actually on it (so it i generally available for me).
First 5 minutes – steady pace, but nothing too leisurely
Min 6 – full out sprint
Min 7 – recover at moderate steady pace
Min 8 – sprint
Min9 – moderate
Min 10 – sprint
Min 11 – moderate
Min 13 – moderate
Min 14 sprint
Min 15 – moderate / leisure
—Feel free to tack on a few more minutes of a leisure – moderate pace if you feel that you need it.
From here,head on over to the free weights for your favorite chest, upper back, biceps, triceps, and deltoid exercises. It is very important to hit all areas when training to help build / maintain proportional muscle tone.

After a day of observing and doing some more employee training, it was time to head back out to Santa Monica to pick up Mat. While the drive was very easy getting out there, the traffic report to go home was insane! We figured we might as well just grab a bite to eat while we were out there, otherwise we wouldn’t have dinner until about 830. After searching and searching, we found a vegan cafe nearby, since it was Meatless Monday (hope you didn’t forget! ;)). We chose the Golden Mean Vegan Cafe – it was so quaint and cute! And it made me realize my new obsession with vegetarian chicken…I LOVE IT! I ended u getting the pesto chicken panini with a spinach and cous cous salad.

A little piece of Heaven on a plate!

Oh my gosh…this was FANTASTIC! the salad was delicate with a light citrus, and the sandwich had a mouth watering blend of roasted red pepper, wilted spinach and tomatoes which blended within the vegetarian chicken. Oh, it was just what we needed after such a long day!

Well, I am off to a long day of work (and commuting – bleh!)

Tell me whatcha think!

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