Welcome to L.A. – where 5am-9pm is the new 9am-5pm!

Coming out of college, I was excited to begin a full-time job. Even more so, I was so blessed to get a personal training job at my top choice gym in L.A. – could I be any more fortunate?!

One thing I have learned about Los Angeles’s version of “full-time:” the idea of a 9-5 work day would be considered a part-time gig. In order to be successful at this type of job, you must pay your dues and put in your time…every second of it. When you’re at work, you’re at work from early in the morning until after rush-hour – learning and absorbing tactics that other trainers utilize to maintain their clientele. You must have the attitude that you WILL be as successful; no hoping, actually doing. When you’re off work, you’re planning programs and routines, researching the latest methods and digging deeper into the facts of supplementation (Which, by the way, Dotfit has an incredible line of supplements manufactured in an FDA approved facility – very unlikely for supplements). It takes every ounce of your waking hour, but you have to be ready to do it; you must have the drive, because others would kill to be in your Nike Trainer Shoes.
Now, I am not saying this just in regards to the company I work for; this applies to any business. A business is a team. Yeah, there might be a few jerk CEO’s that get paid far more for doing much less, but your counterparts and you are what pulls the weight of the company. You must not allow yourself to be the weakest link.
I had a major heart-to-heart with a few of my elite co-workers, who really opened my eyes. Well, first they intimidated the heck out of me, but eventually opened my eyes to the fact that we are a team – whether we make our monthly goal or not is partially up to me, and I must not fall into the weakest link category. Ergo: putting in the early (and long) hours to learn, absorb, and apply – each an every day. Again, this applies to any company, and any employee.

Here are a few things that I am beginning to learn:

  • Be prepared for VERY long days (not including the commute)
  • Prepare a full day’s worth of meals the night before, to prevent a hectic morning — and more importantly, make sure they are well balanced meals
  • GET SOME SLEEP! the surviving on 4 hrs of sleep has got to go!
  • “Be a sponge,” as in learn from those around you
  • Put in your time, and the worth will follow through.

While this has already been quite the exhausting week, I must say that I am fortunate to first of all have a job, and second have a job where I can workout in my little bursts of free time!

Bottom line – be thankful with the opportunities given to you, and be ready to show your worth…the rest will fall together if it is meant to be. 🙂

…just be prepared for those long hours!

Tell me whatcha think!

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