Sushi: Food Friend or Foe??

After an excessively long morning/afternoon of work (and two workouts!!) All the energy in me was completely drained! However, I had a fantastic dinner on my mind: baked tilapia with roasted vegetables – I had a huge hankering for fish. Since we were in need of all the necessary ingredients, Mat and I took a late afternoon trip to a nearby grocery store that had some produce that we needed on sale. The sales were great, but there was no seafood counter….really?! By the time we noticed this unfortunate fact, we already had a basket full of items, which would be silly to put back. I was tired, hungry, and for lack of better words: very cranky.

Seeing as it was already going on 7:00, we opted to dine out and get some sushi at Toshi Sushi. I wanted to keep it healthy so I opted for a simple sans rice roll, the “Yoshie’s Diet Roll.” Now, I had the misconception of the word “diet,” as it is really from the greek root word dieta, meaning “a way of living,” your diet is the way you live your life. Unfortunately, society puts such a negative association with that word. Anywho, back to my sushi:

You in there Nemo?

This delightful plate consists of: Tuna, Yellow-fin, Masago, Avocado (heart-healthy fat), and a little bit of asparagus all bundled together in a freshly peeled cucumber wrap. The fish combination paired quite well together, as the flavor just melted in my mouth. I paired this with a heaping of wasabi, and finished it off with the ginger slices they provide.

Now many ask the question: is sushi good or bad for you? Well, it it entirely dependent on the type of roll you choose. These are a few words I make sure to stray away from when looking at the menu:

  • Tempura – This is key for fried, which adds to the saturated fat content
  • Spicy (insert fish name here) – Spicy rolls are generally created with a mayonnaise base…not so healthy
  • Tobiko – these or little eggs that are loaded with cholesterol
  • Soy Sauce – be careful not to overdo this! While it may be low calorie, and the word “soy” sounds healthy, you can easily get your daily count of sodium in just a few teaspoons. Talk about bloating!
  • Rice – Most sushi bars create their rolls with white rice; stay away from white rice as best as you can. They hold little to no nutritional value, they are just empty calories.

Some ways to make your sushi healthy?By one of my many food mottos:  Keep it simple!
Look for a rice-less roll, such as the one I got last night, or you can make it a hand roll. A hand roll, from my experience, is just a seaweed wrap, and they do not cut it up into bite sized rolls for you. They can be a little tricky to eat, as I just ditch my chopsticks for these and use my hands; but it is a far healthier option.
Choose your fish wisely. Remember to stay away from any kind of tempura, and choose fish that is rich in Omega-3’s such as salmon, mackerel, and tuna.
If you can, load your roll with veggies. Some places will charge you extra, so make sure to ask before adding anything in.

As delicious as sushi can be, you must also be aware of food poisoning — which is what the wasabi and ginger are provided to help defend.  The wasabi, while it is incredibly spicy, will help protect your from potential food poisoning, and it does wonders for clearing your sinuses!! The ginger will help to aid in digestion, and it can also help to boost your immune system too!

Sushi can definitely be a food friend, as long as you create it correctly!

After enjoying my fishy dinner, I realized I was missing something in my dinner…carbohydrates. Now, I was not going to ask for a plate of refined white rice. Instead, I gave in to my sugary guilty pleasure…Yogurtland.  Thank goodness their prices are cheap, otherwise I my bank account would dwindle more than it already does! 😛

>>For further information in terms of sushi and health, my dad (a sweet devoted reader :))  passed this link along to me: How Safe is Sushi?


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