Getting through the day with the right choices!

While I love to brag about how I love my morning oatmeal I figured I would finally share a picture of it with you all — now remember the picture does not do it justice, it tastes far better than it looks:

my definition of comfort food!

This morning’s oatmeal consisted of rolled oats, half a scoop of vanilla whey protein, a generous teaspoon of cinnamon, a few banana chunks, and apple slices….mmmm!

It is ESSENTIAL to begin your day with a proper and clean breakfast. By clean, I mean little to no preservatives – keep it as raw as possible. You will find yourself with more stable energy to get you through the morning! Just keep it simple, and smart!

This was a great energizer for my stairmaster workout! Good golly, I normally only last about 10 minutes on that thing but after I saw a member last 40 minutes right next to me, I figured I needed to up my goals, so I huffed and sweat through 30 solid minutes…phew!!
Afterwards it was morning full of a sexual harassment seminar, with a little bit of prospecting for clients mixed in between – sounds like a blast, eh? Well it’s just all that goes into starting off at a new job unfortunately….gotta get through the nitty gritty before the enjoyment of the job!

Afterward the excitement of new employee training, it was time to escape for a healthy lunch to refuel:

I was far too hungry to wait and take a picture..oops!

This champ lunch is packed with essential macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein, healthy fat, annnnndd Starbucks!
Voskos – organic greek yogurt, with some chopped fruit that I added in myself
PBJ – Ezekial sprouted bread with natural peanut butter, trader joe’s preserves, and a few thin apple slices
Starbucks – unsweetened green tea, just enough caffeine to get me through the afternoon, but won’t keep me up into the wee hours 🙂

As I already, it is so important to choose the best options. Every ingredient that you fuel into your body affects it accordingly. By this I mean, if you make healthy choices your body will be happy and will function at optimal level. On the other hand, if you load it with modified foods, preservatives, and other toxic ingredients, you will not function at your optimal level.

Always remember to keep it smart and  simple. Your mind and body will thank you!

Tell me whatcha think!

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