Choosing a Gym to Fit your Personality

In L.A., I like to classify three types of gyms: your typical get in, workout, and go  – this would be more like your 24-Hour Fitness; the gym that many will classify as an upscale health club – this is your Equinox, where everything is perfectly intact; and then there is the anything goes type of gym – this is Crunch, the best gym around.

Now don’t get me wrong, places like 24-hour fitness and Equinox are great. 24-Hour has a great efficiency in allowing their member to get in and do their thing at just about any hour of the day; however, I still have yet to see a 24-Hour Fitness that is actually open 24 hours. Equinox is absolutely beautiful and packed with luxury, but if you’re not wearing your Lulamon athletic apparel, there is no way you will fit in.

Crunch, on the other-hand, is a place free of judgement. A place where it is OKAY to cuss during your last few reps, it is okay to let loose and allow your spirit to just take total control. Their motto is No judgements – and while it may seem hard to believe that a place won’t carry judgements, especially when there are the occasional stares from someone checking out your form or what you’re wearing. But in terms of attitude, be free to be you.

This past week I had the luxury to experience this for myself. I worked with one of our trainers, who put me through a strenuous (yet fun) routine, which was also the first time I have ever dropped an F-Bomb during a set. I was slightly embarrassed, but that was when Keith said “that’s when you know you’re working hard!!” Makes total sense. Yesterday, before I left to head home, I decided to take a group fitness class for abs with one of the other trainers. This class was so much more than just your typical planks and crunches; it was spiritual. Our instructor incorporated several bodily movements that you would never expect to work your abdominal muscles, while keeping our eyes and closed, and (my favorite) smiling. He encouraged us to let loose and breath loudly – I have to admit I made some funny noises during the breathing portions because I was in so much pain. At the end everyone just looks like a hot mess.

You can really feel that “let loose” vibe and energy the second you walk through the door. Everything is bright, and organized. The music is always upbeat and FULL of energy; especially the nights when they have a DJ spinning. This is a place to let loose, allow all emotions to escape and enjoy this personal time with your body. And the best part – when you work with a personal trainer, we get to stretch you out at the end of your session (a.k.a. we do the work for you!)

Side note – if I have not already Crunch unique and appealing enough, Bob Harper from The Biggest Loserholds his spin classes here every Saturday Morning. In fact, he allowed me to make an announcement at the beginning of his class that I was offering free stretching after spin because I was cute and had the balls to go right up to him and ask…according to our front desk he was impressed 🙂 woohoo!

Now it’s finally off to grab a bite to eat for lunch after fighting a million horn-honking jerks to get home…and I am HUUUUNN-GRRYY!

3 thoughts on “Choosing a Gym to Fit your Personality

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