Craving a Second Chance

After a long morning of stretching several Crunch member’s legs out after their spin sessions I was FAMISHED, and rightfully so since I didn’t get back home until around 1:30! Mat and I figured we would try a cafe in town that we always pass by called Crave Cafe – an all-organic cafe open 24 hours in Sherman Oaks. They’re well known for their breakfast omelets, paninis, and huge crepes at a very reasonable price, considering that they use all organic ingredients. I opted for the chicken panini on whole grain bread, which they assembled and delivered in just under 10 minutes…thank goodness!

A perfect afternoon delight 🙂

It may have been because I was so hungry, but this was so delicious – just the kind of sandwich I had a hankering for. I cannot quite explain it, but California definitely has the best organic and vegan options, at such appropriate prices – I have yet to have a bad experience…knock on wood! And you can be sure that I would rant about it on here ;-). Crave Cafe did a wonderful job assembling and keeping their proportions even enough to really taste each ingredient: grilled chicken, spinach, romaine lettuce, red peppers, tomatoes, and pesto. Even their whole grain bread was jam packed with tons of whole grains. However, since we had lunch so late, Mat and I figured we ought to save half our sandwiches for dinner so we don’t totally throw our appetites off for the rest of the day.

After some errands, it was off the the Santa Monica pier so Mat could sell 66-Cali apparel – American made T-shirts for an American Road. While doing so, I spent my time wandering around the downtown promenade area. I figured since Mat and I ate pretty light throughout the day, that we could afford a little sweet treat. We had tried the Tutti Frutti in the Mall by our apartment, which as I documented as a very big disappointment. But, I figured I would give this Frozen Yogurt chain a second chance by trying out the franchise located towards the beginning of the promenade. I had to be very strategic in which flavor I chose, as well as the toppings because I had to bolt out of there in order to being a cup down to the pier as a surprise for Mat. After grabbing some interesting flavors (one being “Fine-Apple,” a mix of pineapple and apple) and toppings, dodging people down the escalators, across the street and down the pier, I was able to deliver just before everything melted… phew!

A complete mix of vanilla, strawberry, fine-apple, with strawberries, bananas, blueberries, cherries, a lychee, and a few snowcaps

This was definitely better the second time around, but still does not beat our top choice -which, I did not expect at all…I just wanted a sweet indulgence, which we are all entitled to every now and then …as long as we make sure to incorporate enough healthy choices the rest of the time!
I have to say though, I may have overindulged on that cup (or ate it far too fast) because I am now currently lounging in the little store with a large belly-ache, ah! I guess we all are guilty of allowing our eyes being bigger than our bellies!!
No worries though – tomorrow is always a fresh-start; a new day for new (and healthy) decisions 🙂


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