Weekends are for Play!

How do you like to spend your weekends? Are you a weekend warrior who still battles the gym, or do you prefer to spend it relaxing with some well deserved R&R? I like to be somewhere in the middle. While I do work at a gym, I prefer to get my weekend exercise outside and as unconventional as possible. The past few weekends Mat and I have hiked Runyon Canyon, which have been a blast. We made a plan to always try a new trail or Canyon area each weekend. Well this weekend we decided to mix it up a little bit…
I started the morning off nice and early (as usual) with a nice bowl of oatmeal to get me ready for our morning fitness adventure. First we hiked the same portion of Runyon as we did last weekend, except we ran down the whole thing this time – my shins are going to HATE me for that tomorrow! Then we decided to attend the free outdoor Hatha Yoga class that is offered every day at the bottom of the trail.

Doesn't this look fun? I love how organic of a workout it looks!

Now I have done yoga before, Mat on the other hand….never! So it was to my surprise that he actually agreed to do it with me!!I figured it would be pretty easy and basic since these are free class offerings, but boy was I wrong! Our instructor “Yogi Steve” sped through the movements making us flow from one pose to the next, keeping our muscles warm and working our balance. With the heat of the sun, this was an unbelievable heart-pounding workout! In fact, about halfway through the class, I almost tried to convince Mat that it would be okay to leave early if he wanted to – but he caught on to what I was hinting at and made me suck it up for the latter portion of the hour session.
By the end, we were drenched in sweat and had  quite a big appetite as it was rolling near the lunch hour…perfect timing!

This just about hit the spot!

We hit up refreshments at Starbucks where I got my absolute favorite: Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte, and we split a foot long turkey sub on flat-bread from Subway. This was actually the first time I had ever had one of their flat-breads, and it wasn’t too bad but I’m sad to say I was not overly impressed. But, everything I had stuffed inside made up for the bland bread 🙂 None the less, this was a great way to refuel after an exciting morning outdoors!

Now we are off to fight the madness at the outlets to look for some fun holiday weekend deals!! 🙂
If you have not done so already, I highly encourage you to take advantage of your weekend to do something fun to get a little extra fitness into your weekend! Take your pups for a walk, go for a bike ride,  go on a trail run…whatever you do make sure it is fun and gets your heart pounding! The best way to achieve this is to think like a kid, and have fun with it! That is my absolute favorite part about the weekends…no work ( for the most part), just playing!

Tell me whatcha think!

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