The Fresh Way to Have it Your Way!

While breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, I think it is even more important to make your dinner the healthiest and freshest. By fresh I mean as little added preservatives and fattening condiments, since your body will only have a few hours to break it down (versus breakfast when you will still have the rest of the day to utilize it as energy). Now that the majority of my day is spent either at work, commuting, or in Santa Monica I hardly ever get the time to make a healthy and fresh dinner – especially since I generally do not get home until at least 10 pm. Lately, whether it has been a late evening at work, or just waiting around Santa Monica, I have found myself around the best salad bar located on just about every 5 blocks in LA: Whole Foods. Yes, they are very pricey in general; however, their salad bar comes at a deal that is pretty hard to beat! At $7.99 a pound, they have a huge variety of different salad ingredients that you can mix and match to your discretion. Best of all, YOU get to choose everything that goes into your meal – make it your way. The choices do vary from store to store, but I have never been disappointed in the offerings. Tonight I went to the one located on Wilshire and 22nd in Santa Monica – boy oh boy do they have a huge variety!

If only this picture could show everything actually in this!

At just about a pound , I packed in TONS of different veggies – definitely worth the $8.64, after tax. This box included some yellowfin tuna, a roasted squash mix, broccoli, arugula, a swiss chard mix, mushrooms, red peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, beats, spinach, and a bunch of red cabbage. The best part was that there was no need to grab any dressing – that was what the sweetness of the beats were for!

If you ever find yourself at a loss for what to do for dinner on the go, my bet advice is to hit up the salad bar at your local Whole Foods. If you’re nowhere near one of these, many local grocery stores offer up a pretty decent salad bars as well (but they may not have as big as a variety, just warning ya!) Salads can offer up as the cleanest meal option, as long as you choose your options mindfully!

Tell me whatcha think!

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