The Couple that Plays Together Stays Together

Last week I stressed the importance about getting outside and getting active on the weekends – play like a kid! It is such a fun away to get some physical activity in your life, especially after a long work week. This weekend I figure I would expand on this a little. Not only is playing like a kid healthy for your soul, it is healthy for your relationship. This does not just apply for your significant other, but also you friends, and children. When you interact with someone close to you with physica activity (i.e. jogging, leisure walking, playing a game of soccer, etc.), you’re growing a special bond. At the same time you’re getting your heart pumping and increasing endorphins, so you’re not only happy, but you are sharing that with someone special to you 🙂
Each weekend I try to make sure that there is at least one day where Mat and I both have a full day off, as mentioned in my previous posts we have been spending most of those mornings exploring Runyon Canyon, and trying out yoga! This morning we decided to try out Fryman Canyon, which is located in Studio City, CA.  Since it was around mid-morning when we left, I figured I would pack a little pick-me-up snack to take along the car ride:
Apple slices with vanilla whey protein sandwiched in..yum 🙂
Fryman was pretty fun, quite short in comparison to Runyon, but it still gave our legs a pretty good workout due to the incline of the hike. I have to say, I have never been much of a hiker, but it has been so much fun getting in the outdoors exploring around nature (yeah, that sounded corny…). Afterwards, we felt like we deserved a nice cool refreshment. With it being close to lunch time we decided to split a large Ice Blended from  Coffee Bean:


Now, normally they suggest for you to use the No Sugar Added powder, to help you prevent yourself from drinking a meals worth of calories. But we found out an even healthier way to get this cooler prepared: getting it “Extremed” What this means is that they skip the milk, and add in extra coffee…yes please!! I LOVED this, especially since I drink my coffee black anyways!
We killed a little bit of time shopping around the area…or more like window shopping – sounds boring but it helps prevent those sporadic splurges!

For lunch we wanted to try something new (as usual), so we headed to Lala’s Argetine Grille. Let’s cut to the chase on this one…I was not impressed one bit:
I won’t go into detail because I do not like to be a Negative Nancy, so instead I vented my dissatisfaction on Urbanspoon, which you can view here. It was also disappointing because they had such great reviews, and the place smelled so good when we walked in. Oh well…you win some you lose some.

Farmboy was next on our list to pick up produce for dinner this evening…which was prepared and created by Mat 🙂

Lean Beef and Veggie Stir Fry!!!

Can you guess that we might be head-over-heals in love with stir fry? Except, unlike restaurants, we cut out the excess oil and junk. This assortment of veggies contains : Red and green bell peppers, red Anaheim chili pepper, zucchini, summer squash, onion, okra, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and mushrooms with lean beef mixed in. And yes, I used my chopsticks the whole time 🙂

Now it’s off for some more play-time while it is still a little light out on the soccer fields 🙂 Enjoy your evening!!


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