Tricks with the TRX!

For those of you following me on Twitter yesterday saw my recommendation to add something new to your workout routine to help kick-start your week! This can be incredibly helpful to make those Monday blues go away, an even make the week at least a little more tolerable to get through when you spice things up a bit and start off on an energetic foot! It is kind-of like when you wake up in a great mood in the morning, you’re more likely to maintain that mood throughout the day.

Yesterday I got to experience the TRX to use on my clients to help shape up their workouts once they surpass their baseline, to keep things improving and progressing beyond their threshold. TRX is a lightweight portable workout device that was designed by the Navy to allow them to maintain their conditioning routine.

compliments of the TRX sales site

People can make this device look so easy, but let me assure you that this bad boy can whoop your butt!! Since this is a suspension, your body will experience a lack of stability – thus initiating more core use to maintain balance, while using your own body weight, gravity, and the suspension – it is incredible. My session was a run through of a few variations of squats, planks, pushups, pull ups, mountain climbers, and several more!

This was a great way to help shape up my workout for the week. It is highly recommended to incorporate new things to your work out to spice things up a bit and prevent yourself from getting bored and falling off the workout wagon!

Pick something new this week to add to your work out that you have not done before. It can be anything from taking a new class, trying out a new move with your weights, picking up kettle bells instead of dumbbells, etc. The choice is completely up to you!

Have a great fit week!!


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