Ending the Week on a Freshii Note.

After a long morning of work, I decided to get my weekend started as soon as possible by jumping on the bus asap before the insane combination of the typical Friday bus madness and  “Carmageddon” arose. For those of you who have not heard via news, THE 405 will be closed this weekend due to construction – meaning every other route is projected to be majorly congested! I decided in order to keep myself happy and sane on a Friday, I ought to get on the bus towards Santa Monica to get some things done and enjoy the beautiful weather 🙂 I ended up venturing over to the Santa Monica Library for a few hours, which, I must say, is one of the nicest libraries I have ever wandered through! There were a few “interesting” people who altered the relaxing vibe every now and then, but hey, nothing’s perfect.
After a little while I found my way over to the pier to meet up with Mat to get some dinner. We originally had plans to meet up with my old friend who was showing her aesthetic jewelery at The Parlor, an upscale sports bar. I personally did not feel like wasting money on overpriced bar food, so  we followed Santa Monica Ave until we found a place that caught our eye. Sure enough we stumbled right onto Farmer’s Market Ave, and chose to try out Freshii. Every ingredient is in its freshest form, and you can either choose from their selection of signature salads, wraps,  noodle bowls, or as a soup – or you can get creative and
build your own. The concept was a lot like ChopStop, but I think they had a little more variety, and not to mention efficient and friendly service! While I didn’t have a hard time deciding on the meat and veggies (obviously chicken and just about every veggie listed!!), I couldn’t decide between a salad or wrap…

Now how to attack this thing...

Well I chose the wrap, and DANG they loaded that sucker up! Unfortunately the wheat wrap was sub-par…but everything in it, as well as the spicy lemongrass dressing I got on the side was delicious! You know you are getting a great quality meal when the flavors blend perfectly, yet at the same time you can pick out each specific ingredient in it. This jam-packed bullet was loaded with chicken, spinach, artichokes, carrots, broccoli, beets, celery, red peppers, and mushrooms. Freshii is a fairly new restaurant in the area, but it really has got it going on, especially since they are competing between Veggie Grill and Chipotle (two very popular restaurants) – This eat spot has definitely earned a top spot in my book!
Afterwards, we headed over to The Parlor, a very posh sports bar locate on Melrose. Each Friday, they mix up the vibe to offer more of  a raw urban feel – hosted by “Helping Other’s Worldwide” a non-profit organization that brings therapy in different art forms to those in under developed countries. They call this evening, Grateful Fridays, to help promote love and genuine giving, and offer up several tabling spots for artists to sell their services and artwork. My old friend, Grace, that lives near by just to happened to earn a table to sell her work, so we were really excited to go and support her! She is INCREDIBLY talented in that she designs feather necklaces as well as head and foot dresses. She goes by the design name of  The High Maintenance Hippie. The evening was booming with such an eclectic group of people – it was so much fun! …Not to mention Jason Mraz stopped by for a performance:

Oh hello Mr. Mraz 🙂

What a great night….now it is time to get everything prepared to deal the madness of traffic to head to work! woohoo!

Have a wonderful Saturday 🙂


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