A New Way to Travel During Carmageddon

With the weekend coming to a close, I hope you all were able to get out,  actively enjoy yourselves, and try out new adventures!
First of all Carmageddon schmarmageddon – the freeway has never been easier this weekend! I wish it was Carmageddon every day!!
Today was spent out in Santa Monica where Mat and I decided to be fun and touristy  by renting a pair of bikes to ride down the boardwalk 🙂 It was a little hectic here and and there  when we tried to pass people along the bike route, but otherwise it was nothing but smiles:

Having a basket on my bike was by far my favorite part! haha

We rode from the Santa Monica Pier all the way down to Venice, where we saw some VERY interesting people! Beyond the cheap souvenir stands, there were several street performers, a few gangs, groups of homeless people rocking out great music,  incredible art work, and of course, the famous Venice Beach Muscle Gym. I have to say, I was disappointed that there were no women working out in there. The cost for a day pass was only $10 bucks, which was SO tempting…but I figured I ought to save my money.
We biked all the way to the end where we parked our bikes to have a little picnic, which we have not done in a very long time.

perfect little lunch in the sunshine 🙂

This was originally a pita sandwich with hummus veggies and turkey slices, but the bottom split open en route, so it ended up being more of a pita salad bowl – still satisfying non the less. (At least my bag of cherries stayed intact!)
After a little r&r we ventured down to check out all the street vendors…and with this being California, there was a very distinct smell that flew through the air every now and then, along with marijuana evaluation shops such as this one:

I get a hoot each time I see these, because I am such a “goody-two-shoes” so I always find these to be such a joke. After we had enough of Venice culture (it truly is a culture in its own – fascinating, yet exhausting) , we headed back toward Santa Monica, where we ventured a little further to get a few more miles of biking in before we had to return them. If we were to continue further past S.M. we would head over into Malibu, which we do plan to do some day, but out legs were getting a little tired…and our tummies were beginning to grumble. Off we went to grab some unhealthy protein bars (hey, we kind-of earned them…) and breeze on through the re-opened 405 with godspeed 🙂

Tonight’s Agenda: Sushi, Blockbuster, and cuddling 🙂  (oh…and I guess getting everything together for work – boo!)

Tell me whatcha think!

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