A Sumo Sweet end to a Short Weekend

We decided to continue a trend of oriental eating this weekend. Since we had Thai last night, we opted for some sushi tonight. I guess this was a necessary pick, since the Japanese women won the World Cup earlier today. I gave Mat the luxury of choosing a place he found interesting, and little to my surprise…he picked a sushi bar by the name of Sumo Sushi.
As soon as we opened the door to walk in, we were greeted by several waitresses over-joyed to have us (they did this to everyone that walked in). While it was a little over done, it does help put you int a great mood to have immediate hospitality. They were even very understanding about my oil policy – I considered getting the seaweed salad, but they unfortunately marinate it in an oil-based sesame mix The sushi chef was even more considerate to prompt us after we attempted to order their Ichi roll, which apparently had mayonnaise mixed in with the crab. I was shocked at first, because it was never mentioned within the menu; however, I could not get over how thankful I was that they came back after we placed our order to let us know that we might want to rethink that order. PHEW! We finally settled to get the “Cucumber Crab Special” as well as the “Oh Boy” with a side of edamame.

Oh Boy sushi on the left; Cucumber Crab Special on the right

I favored the Oh Boy sushi, which consisted of real crab, avocado, and carrots wrapped in tuna. Mat actually favored the Cucumber Crab roll (so it all worked out perfectly) which was real crab and avocado in a cucumber wrap and sesame seeds scattered on top. They were both absolutely delicious, and just what we were looking for that evening for dinner! Not to mention, their tuna was perfectly juicy to where it just melts in your mouth if you savor it long enough. And no worries – I made sure to intake that wasabi and ginger to help avoid any food poisoning!!
We decided to end the evening by trying out a new Fro-yo place nearby called Sweet Hearts to take home and watch a Blockbuster movie…yes we actually have a Blockbuster nearby that has not gone out of business! Even better, their $0.99 – 1.99 a night rentals are only $0.45 on Sundays now! The frozen yogurt was on par with just about every other one we have tried, so it was good but nothing overly special. The main reason we decided to try this new place was because Yogurtland did not have any good flavors…yes we called ahead – I think we have a problem haha.

A sweet end to a Sunday evening 🙂

I opted for a mix of tart and banana frozen yogurt with graham cracker, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, cinnamon, and some chocolate chunks 🙂 yum yum.

I hope you all are able to overcome those Monday blues as we keep looking forward to having another round of a fun & fit weekend!

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