Sunday Comfort, Family Style

This morning was somewhat of a late start due to the fact we had plans for breakfast at 9am with our neighbors 🙂 Since we are used to waking up at the crack of dawn….well, I am – Mat just does it because he is sweet enough to drive me in to work that early. None the less, we had to kill some time for a few hours through snaking on some fruit and grocery shopping to save our appetites for what was about to be the best stack of pancakes to enter my mouth!

Our neighbor Sarah and her husband Chad had invited us over for Sunday morning pancakes, and after not having a great stack of pancakes in a while…we could not say no!

I had to resist myself from eating these so fast so that I could savor the flavor!

Not to mention, we could not resist having a family-style breakfast; it just makes the morning feel so warm and loving (A great change from chowing down breakfast in the car on the way to work!). Sarah perfected this pancake recipe like no other. She used Pamela’s Baking Mix purchased from Wholefoods and added in some cinnamon and vanilla (my kind of girl!!).  The texture was light and fluffy, and definitely settled that way in our stomachs – unlike other pancakes that can make you feel weighed down. To help keep this delicious morning delight healthy, try your best to keep away from adding on butter and excess sugar. Those are just empty calories. BUT, if you must choose to add on syrup, don’t cheat yourself…just go for a tiny bit of pure maple syrup (I’ll admit it…I added some). Even though we are trying to cut down on the sugar intake, Mat insisted we use his pure maple syrup he purchased at the beginning of his Route 66 journey: Funks Grove Pure Maple Sirup

yes...sirup, not syrup

yes sirup, not syrup. This sirup has been run by the Funks family for 5 generations, and it is the furthest west where maple sirup can be harvested. It is located right on Route 66, just south of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. This sirup is very sweet, so I definitely did not need much to enhance the flavor of my fruit and pancakes.

As much as I love my oatmeal, these warm homemade pancakes was such a wonderful change! Especially for a laid-back Sunday morning<3 which was followed by a nice hike through Runyon Canyon. It was difficult at first, because I had not gotten much sleep this past week, but I knew we needed to get up and get some activity in for the day. Let me tell you, I am so glad we did! A hike was just what I needed to get some natural energy in me. Just the way Sundays are meant to be…delicious, laid back, and most importantly fun!

Now, if only every day could be like my Sundays…but there are bills to pay and fitness goals to fulfill for people 🙂 As time-consuming my job may be, I am so thankful that I am at least helping people create a healthy lifestyle change.

Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!
And Don’t forget my week-long challenge to you: cutting back on the sweet stuff. I know you have it in you to cut back a little here and there. The more you cut out, the more natural energy you will begin to feel towards the end of the week (if you keep it up and don’t cheat too much!)

Tell me whatcha think!

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