Home Stretch Challenge!

How is everybody doing on my week-long challenge of cutting down on the sugar intake?? If you were anything like Mat, you have probably experienced a little extra lethargic during the day, which is normal for the first week – especially the latter portion of the first week. BUT, you must stay strong, you will be doing yourself a favor by keeping the urge to indulge at a bare minimum. Like I mentioned this weekend, if you must indulge do it as minute as possible. I would rather you have a little here and there rather than restrict yourself completely, then go on an all-out binge!

  • Here are a few helpful ways to help get you through the rest of the week (and weekend, at least through Saturday night – I’ll let you all indulge for Sunday Funday, don’t worry!):
  • If you regularly add sugar to your coffee…try to cut down to half the amount, and slowly ween yourself away from the sugar  — this IS possible. I say this because I went from 6 sugar packets in my small iced coffee, to now black!
  • Instead of grabbing a candy bar, grab a piece of fruit
    –If you do grab a piece of fruit, go for one lower in sugar such as a nectarine, berries, fresh cherries, a small banana, or an apple (good quality of fiber!)
  • If you cannot live without those soft drinks, try to replace even just one with water (that can save you about 250 empty calories, allowing you to easily lose 0.5 pounds in just one week).
    -If you feel like you need some flavor in your water, try and herbal iced tea; such as, Starbucks Passion Tea (unsweetened!!!!!), it has a nice fruity flavor to it and it is quite relaxing on such a hot day.
  • Try to pack a baggy of veggies to have as a snack, instead of a granola bar which are loaded with sugar. Veggies have little to no sugar, and they are packed with fiber to help keep you fuller longer
  • Here is a simple one: make your sandwich with whole grain bread versus white bread – you will have less simple sugars floating around; again, making you feel more full and satisfied.
  • Skip the packaged trail mix, and go for a handful of dry roasted nuts
  • Frozen dinner buyers beware! watch out for the sugar-count in those Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine dinners! It may surprise you.
  • If you love dessert, or just need a sweet fixing, try to be creative – like a no sugar natural/organic apple sauce with some cinnamon sprinkled on top

I hope you all are sticking it through the week! Let me know how you all are doing!

It was extremely hard for me to down-size sweets sweets from my diet last year – and currently, while I LOVE anything sweet, my daily vice has been fruit (which I now try to keep only low glycemic fruits around) and, of course fro-yo. After having it just about every day, I gave it up for this week to stick it out with you guys! And let me tell you…..I hate it! Haha! But I know I am saving my gut from excess sugar, so I know there is something good that it coming out of this fro-yo abstinence week. So never fear, none of you are alone on this 🙂

Good luck on the home-stretch!!

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