Congratulations to those of you who stuck it out the whole week while cutting back on your sugar intake!!!!! By now, you should feel a little more natural energy throughout the day. You have now just given yourself the opportunity to begin a healthy lifestyle change – all it takes to keep it up is to be mindful and check out the nutritional information.

As I mentioned last weekend, you all were not alone on this week-long challenge – Mat being the total sweetie that he is (metaphorically, and literally) agreed to take this challenge this past week. [And for the record, I gave up my one sweet addiction with him…frozen yogurt!] And that is why he is guest blogging in this post 🙂 Take it away Mat!

Having always been somewhat of a sugar addict, Karen’s challenge for me this week seemed like a daunting task. Since I was a kid I have always enjoyed indulging heavily on candy and soda pop, and still do on occasion. But the difference is that throughout middle and high school I was highly active in sports and other physical activities. Now without organized sports and not having joined a gym in CA yet, the sporadic sugar binge is much worse for me that it was in the past. I have cut back increasingly on soda but since it was so much a part of my life it is never easy to rid of it completely. Thus, Karen’s challenge was, well, a challenge. It mostly called for me to cut out my (somewhat) sugary cereals in the morning, trading in sodas and ice blended coffee drinks for other bevs, and eliminating frozen yogurt (of ALL things!). Well to start, I swapped my trademark Cinnamon Life or Frosted Mini Wheats for straight up Cherrios and a Kashi Go Lean mix. Also instead of regular milk that is laden with sugars, I switched to unsweetened almond milk which has 0 sugar, but unfortunately no protein. To add flavor and protein into the mix I would throw in bananas, strawberries, and vanilla whey protein. Still a satisfying breakfast w/o all the added sugar.

I must say cutting back on my new addiction the original ice blended vanilla coffee from Coffee Bean Tea & Leaf was what I thought would be an issue. But it didn’t even faze me. There are two CBTL’s right by work so I would usually get there 30 min early to take the walk to one to get my ice blended and the occasional vanilla bean tea cake. Instead, I would leave a bit later so I would get to work right at 10 in order to avoid the temptation of going. The other problem I have is that when I’m at work I’m usually stuck there and am forced to grab a soda from the fridge. Although all the sodas we sell are all made with natural cane sugar, its still bad for you. Although the temptation got the better of me on one or two occasions, I still cut back significantly from the usual and would only drink half or something. While at the grocery store I picked up a thing of that MIOS water enhancer and stocked my car with a huge pack of bottled water so  I would have a tasty beverage throughout the long day at work. While that stuff may not be the BEST option its certainly a better option.

Lastly, I also thought cutting out what was becoming a daily staple in my life, frozen yogurt,  would be a tremendous struggle. However, like the ice-blendeds, simply not being faced with the time or ability to go made it much simpler. I did miss that more than anything I cut out perhaps but I am still standing so it must have not been that big of a deal. The addiction might kick back in when we go tonight though ; ).

In short, I think I did pretty well this week cutting back on the sugary foods and drinks that are part of my daily diet. I was not (too) overly tired and still managed to have a productive week. On some occasions I actually felt better and more refreshed during throughout the week. I’m pretty confident that this can become a lasting change in my life. It would surprise you how easy it can be to eliminate certain food types that almost make up your entire diet. 2 years ago I cut out fast food and although many people thought it would be a struggle for me, I found it almost too easy to not eat fast food and haven’t looked back since. You’ll find that true with many things in your life, not just food. Something that you think would be an enormous challenge for you ends up being much much easier that you imagined.

…Hope you all enjoyed Mat’s guest post! And like he mentioned…our fro-yo addiction might kick back up this evening (oopsies!). I would love to hear your feedback on this past week’s challenge 🙂 drop a comment or an e-mail anytime!


2 thoughts on “GUEST POST!

  1. Wow I give Mat a lot of credit. I’ve cut back on the sugar in my coffee quite a bit – not that I used a lot anyway – but got my sweetness mostly from fruit for the week.

    • Way to go! every little step counts! However, be careful not do over do it with the fruits either – it may be natural sugar, but keep it in moderation. For example, 1 banana can have over 20 grams of sugar!

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