Light, Fit and Powerful Addition

Good morning readers!! Are you looking for a light addition to your morning breakfast to help give you a little more energy throughout the day? Try to add in an egg-white omelet packed with vegetables 🙂

I wanted to start this morning off with an extra boost with something a little more homemade than oatmeal or cereal, so I decided to whip up a few light and healthy omelets on english muffins to add to our Sunday morning breakfast.


Makes such a nice addition to our one and only sit-down breakfast of the week 🙂 and pairs so well with just about any breakfast main course

These are SUPER easy to make. Just stir up a few egg whites (allow a little yolk to sliver into the mix for some healthy fat), and mix in an assortment of diced veggies. I used some spinach, red and yellow bell peppers, broccoli and a piece of red cabbage chopped up. In a non-stick pan, pour in the stirred veggies and egg whites, and flip when bottom side begins to golden. Fold in half and either serve over an english muffin, or alone.To sweeten things up a little bit, I added a little bit of preserves on to the english muffins.

And now we are off to have our Sunday adventures! Get out and try something new today – you owe it to yourself to end the weekend on a fantastic note!


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