Fresh Air & Good O’l Home Cookin’

Yesterday’s adventure was brought to you by a nice and easy hike around Griffith Park, a series of trails located in Hollywood nearby the famous “Hollywood” sign. These trails were not at all crowded, unlike Runyon or Fryman Canyon, and it seemed to be more leisure and family oriented, which was nice for a Sunday morning hike. Afterwards, we headed into Studio City to stroll around their Farmer’s Market, which was full of  this little nibbler’s favorite things:


We took full advantage of each sample tables…some more than once! No worries, we were not total mooches, we did buy a few fruits and veggies here and there when we saw good deals! I absolutely love finding great deals on produce at farmer’s markets, because it is a win-win: I get to save money, and support local farming!

Our day continued with a quick bite to eat at ToGo’s; unfortunately, it sounded far better than it actually was. But we were starving so we scarfed down our turkey sandwiches in about 0.2 seconds!

After some grocery shopping and Starbucks iced-green tea refreshers, Mat and I headed over to his cousin’s house to have dinner – prepared by his aunt who just came into town to visit and help out with her daughter’s new baby. I love a good home-cooked meal, but even more so I love a meal that has been within a family for generations. Tonight featured green beans with slivered almonds, mashed dumplings, and chicken marinated in a turmeric and sour cream gravy:

Good 'ol home cookin'

This dinner was the epitome of comfort style cooking! warm chicken and dumpling bites with a light spiced gravy poured over to kick up the flavor, while still adding a nice fresh zest with the green beans. Of course we ended up bringing home left-overs 😉

We began to wrap up the night with a well-deserved trip to Yogurtland! It had been over a week since we had any frozen yogurt, and I must say we were slightly disappointed that they have yet to change up their flavors! None the less, I grabbed my usual: Madagascar Vanilla Bean and No Sugar Added Strawberry Cheesecake, with a few chocolate chips and fruit galore!

It was a great way to wrap up a stressful and sugar-free week!

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