The Flowering Tree

This weekend could not come fast enough!!I’ve been sluggishly getting through this week while battling an obnoxious head cold which varies in symptoms day to day. So, after a morning of dayquil, a mediocre workout, and giving a kick-ass workout to a few gym members…Mat and I ventured to try out a lunch spot which I walk by several times a week down Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood: The Flowering Tree. They are known to serve up “health conscious food,” so how could we not go wrong?? Our lunch date started out pretty well with some cucumber and lemon infused ice water – the flavor was light and refreshing.

Our orders were pretty simple, I opted for a Turkey sandwich with sprouts, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and bell peppers on rye bread with a side of dijon mustard. Mat ended up with a Mediterranean chicken wrap. While waiting, I had a really awkward encounter when asking if there was a restroom available – I had to exit the restaurant, go around the back and into the back kitchen where they had one restroom (thank goodness it was clean!). When our food finally arrived, I was so shocked at how huge the portion size was!


I guess I expected something small coming from a “health conscious” spot — but then again this is the U.S., where everything is supersized. The first bite was quite enjoyable…until the bread completely crumbled into a million pieces!!!

oh noooo!! 😦

I figured maybe it was just a fluke, but when I continued onto my second half, the exact same thing happened 😦 Sadly, this slightly ruined my foodie experience as I ate my sandwich with a fork as if it were a salad (who does that?!).
Overall, our meals were pretty good; however, I came in with high expectations and and creative healthy sandwiches…which we did not find there. I definitely recommend this place, as long as two things are kept in mind: never get the rye bread, and do not expect any crazy robust creations. It is a simple place to grab a simple bite.

Tell me whatcha think!

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