Rustic Historic Hike & Week Long Challenge

Whew! Yesterday’s hike acted more like a scavenger hunt, taking us up and down several steep outdoor stairways as well as inclines and declines. It was far more of a workout than I had anticipated, and my legs reminded me of that when we finally got back to the car (about 2 hours later!)
We decided to spend our Sunday morning hiking through Rustic Canyon located outside Brentwood, CA. The history behind this area is somewhat of a blemish on the otherwise glamorous history of Hollywood, yet is fascinating nonetheless. Prior to the US’s involvement in WWII, Nazi sympathizers in the LA area decided to build a $4m retreat camp in the canyon so when Germany finally won the global war and the US was thrown into “anarchy”, Germans and other sympathizers in the area would have a place to “wait out the storm” so to speak. Obviously, history chose a different path and immediately following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the camp, which had been monitored, was raided by US troops and shut down. Certain structures still stand, and can be accessed an observed while meandering through the trails, just like this abandoned boiler which is now covered in graffiti:

While the trail was challenging in itself with all the ups and downs, and several steep stairs..

I think we ended up going up/down about 10 of these bad boys

And what made it even more of a challenge was that the directions to get around the trail were all online, which was where Mat’s Blackberry came to great use. It was a fun idea, because it made it feel like a scavenger hunt when we had to go down a set of stairs and down a dirt path for a quarter mile to get to the next artifact. That was, until we misread a few things..and eventually got lost in the woods….more than once

ahh stuck in the woods!

By the time we finally reached back onto the mainland, and hiked back to the car, I was so relieved to be able to just sit and stretch my poor little legs out!!
We were absolutely famished, and thank goodness I thought ahead and stashed a baggy of Kashi Go Lean cereal in the car for when we got back, because trying to find a place to have lunch was far more of a hassle than expected. First off, there was a bike race going on all day so driving through Brentwood took forever, as all the roads were blocked off. Then when we thought we found a good deli to eat at around 1pm, the butcher told us he was closing down…really?! After a cranky walk around town we wound up at Lemonade, which does have more than lemonade. In fact, they offered up a very tasty chicken sandwich, which was EXACTLY what I was craving!

Herbed chicken with arugula, artichoke, and tomatoes, side of arugula salad, and a togo side of nectarine and rice

This hit the spot perfectly! Although, I disregarded my number one rule of dining: eat slowly, and savor each bite….thus resulted in a slight tummy ache, ugh. Oh well, it was totally worth it! This spot is definitely a unique place, and worth a try for anyone in the Brentwood area.

I hope you all are well rested and geared up for the week ahead! I have an exciting announcement/accomplishment to make towards the end of the week – but you will have to wait and find out! 😉

Here is my new week long challenge for you all:

Incorporate at least 20 minutes each day dedicated to doing something for yourself. This can be anything from going for a run, reading a book, cooking, or even just a nap! In today’s society, we are lacking on that “self” time, which is awful for our own sanity! Believe me, this one if going to be quite a challenge for myself…I am right here with you guys!

One thought on “Rustic Historic Hike & Week Long Challenge

  1. AWESOME JOB!!!!!!!!!!! The nectarine rice salad sounds wonderful. Do you think you can get the recipe and post it on your next blog?? Some restaurants like that kind of publicity while others like to keep secrets…..

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