I Love Sundays! :)

Boy oh boy do I really cherish my Sundays – the one and only day I fully get to spend with Mat. I may cram tons of things in one day, but hey we only have one day…then it is back to the hustle and bustle of seeing each other in wee hours of the morning, and super late at night. So I consider Sundays to be our healthy relationship day 🙂
We started out with a quick AM run at the park near our apartment…I was able to bust out 1.5 miles with much more ease than I had anticipated, phew! After a scrumptious bowl of comfort cereal, we were off to the Studio City Farmer’s Market. I have come to the conclusion that I feel my absolute best walking through the market; I just adore the fresh produce – the smell, the texture, and best of all, knowing how wholesome the quality is. As of right now, my favorite indulgence  are the baggies of fresh herbs…they just smell so darn good!

We continued our day with a little more fun activity by doing a quick hike up the Vurdugo Mountains in Burbank after lunch at Crave. It was short and sweet, but still enough to give us a little challenge 🙂

Not to mention, the view at the top  of the trail we chose was absolutely beautiful!

on top of the world!

After bopping around the shops in Burbank, we concluded our evening with a 80% farmer’s market dinner: a Thai Basil Shrimp stir-fry with curry.

mmm mmm mmm check out what Mat has cookin'!

I am one lucky girl to have this made for me 🙂

Followed by my attempt at a healthy flourless crepe…

which could have definitely used flour and sugar. I got the base recipe off of Sparkpeople.com – which was for a basic crepe:
2 egg whites, 1/8 tsp vanilla extract, and cinnamon.

I decided to add a little applesauce inside with some thin apple slices to give a little extra flavor, and take away from the egg overload flavor. It wasn’t too bad, but it was not your average fluffy crepe. I added a little side of nutella and extra applesauce with cinnamon for a little dipping, which ended up being a good compliment. Next time I will just have to use another recipe 🙂

Now it’s off to do some yoga stretches (my personal 20 minutes) and watch Monster’s vs. Aliens – don’t make fun of my love for kids movies!
Keep a look out for my run through of how I made it through this past week’s challenge!!


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