Challenge Recap

20+ minutes of “me time.” How did you guys do?? I can tell you all that it was exceptionally difficult for me to complete! I refer to myself as a total work-a-holic –  probably spend about 90% of my day either at work, doing stuff for work, communing to/from, or trying to plan my day/getting things ready for work (I will tell you it is incredibly exhausting!) However, I refused to be a hypocrite and not follow through on my own challenge. Here’s a recap of how I battled this challenge:

I took a Pilates class after our trainers meeting that afternoon. Pilates is an incredible way to relax the mind while toning our whole body; not to mention, our instructor,Sahara, the instructor is phenomenal! She really emphasizes the importance of respecting and loving yourself throughout the session. Unfortunately, I have come to the realization that it is nearly impossible to enjoyably workout where you work – my mind was partially set of prospecting for clients within the class (so much for that one!)
I decided to give my “me-time” a second shot later on that evening, when I noticed I had gotten everything ready for the next day a little early (woohoo!). I wound up going old school and laying in bed watching youtube videos with my sweetie – I forgot how funny some of those things are!!

Tuesday morning I knew I would be stuck at work all day long (630 am until at least 8pm), and I knew I had to treat myself to a little something-I made a little pit-stop at the rite aide nearby to pick up a few magazines. I made sure to grab non-fitness related ones this time! This was really important for me to do, because I had to make sure I could get my mind off of work as much as possible later on.

I gave myself a nice few hour gap to complete some e-mails, then lounge with a delicious orange blossom green tea from Starbucks while reading some Good Housekeeping and decided to save the prevention mag. for another day (I know, I know…they are total mom-magazines, but hey I like ’em!), and painting my nails haha. As I tried to center myself to enjoy this little break, I found my eyes constantly looking at my watch, then looking upstairs from the courtyard at my gym…Like I said, I focus far too much on work.

Our friends, Amanda and Brian came in to town to visit from North Carolina!! I made sure to be up and out of work by 12:30…no excuses. I refused to let work interfere with seeing these two goofballs, and grabbing lunch with them and Mat before he had to go to work for the evening. We found up eating at Fresh Corn Grill, which features corn (generally grilled) in just about every dish – itwas delicious!

Green Salad with grilled chicken, and a side of steamed asparagus

Now, I am not a huge  fan of corn, so I just had it on the side — they were rally good about about modifying my entree the way I wanted it, a major plus! The only down side was that after the food was delivered the customer service plummeted, we weren’t even offered refills on our water until right before we were leaving!

This one was a little tricky because I was at Zumba from morning until almost 6pm – ah! In terms of this challenge I was actually fortunate enough that my internet connect was not working ( I wanted to keep up to date on my e-mails, and everything – yes I am that anal haha). This gave me the opportunity to really venture and meet new people, and enjoy our lunch break with Felix! It was nice to just sit, eat and have friendly conversations without worrying about anything work-related:)

This actually turned out to be a really enjoyable day. The gym was very slow, which gave me the opportunity to leave early (if there is no one in there, there’s no point in trying to pick up clientele). I ended up meeting up my dear friend Grace to catch up a little bit before heading to Santa Monica. I have been trying to get myself to keep in touch with close friends, as it is so important for our emotional health.
Afterward I headed on down to Santa Monica to wait for Mat for a few hours at this darling cafe called Infuzion Cafe. It is perfect because it is close enough to where Mat works, but far enough to where there are no tourists…perfect little hole in the wall 🙂 I spent my leisure time getting though some e-mails, and planning some workouts, as well as food guides…then got to enjoy to enjoy my Prevention Magazine. You are never to young to begin methods of prevention in terms of our health and aging!

some well-needed leisure quiet time 🙂

After a morning of work, Ikea, and losing my debit card at Yogurtland (panic attack!!!)…Mat left for work so I indulged in some of my favorite movies while doing a little work here and there (of course.)

I just love a good kids move and or chick-flick – they really bring me back to a time of innocence; which is everything I need after a hectic day!

I decided to treat my mind and body a little bit after the fantastic dinner, and did some calming yoga. I used this routine from Women’s Health Magazine, it’s their Yoga for Bedtime to help unwind my mind and body, not to mention i needed a good stretch for my legs…all before a nice big bowl of air-popped popcorn with my hunny 🙂

As i mentioned earlier, this was a huge challenge for me as I am always on the go, and stressing about one thing after another. Being an over achiever is not always healthy haha. Since last week Mat has helped me make sure that I get in a few minutes each evening with just simple things like going for a short walk to get soem fresh air before bedtime. I can already notice a slight difference – but last week really made me realize how necessary that little bit of “me-time” is.

Tell me whatcha think!

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