Three’s Company, plus one

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week while adding in some health and fitness into the mix!

After a long week of work, Mat and I acquired two new roommates!! Our friend Codey from Wilmington had been planning on moving out here with us for a while, and ended up bringing his friend from way back in high school, Tyler to come on out as well!  They wondered if I minded having yet another person (besides Mat and Codey) living with us…and I thought to myself: Are you crazy? What girl wouldn’t want to live with 3 cute boys?!

Mat, Codey, and Tyler. Aren't they adorable??

They may have gotten in yesterday; however, with the way Mat’s and my schedule worked out, there was no way we would have a proper first evening together. Thus making it necessary for a family dinner this evening!

nothing too fancy but, it definitely hit the spot!

Mat and I teamed up to make this one 🙂 I prepared onions, red swiss chard, spinach, red bell pepper, and baby tomatoes from the farmer’s market, sauteed in red wine vinegar. Matthew was the grill master on Codey’s giant Foreman grill (which makes ours look like a puny little piece of junk!) by grilling up a few chicken fillets with some Thai basil and pepper. And with a nice heaping of red cabbage and some carrots, this ended up being a delicious and healthy little family dinner!


It was also a precursor for the main course….

What?? It wouldn’t be a proper welcoming without Yogurtland 😉 Unfortunately Tyler has no sense in good eats, as he is not a fro-yo fan….that’s strike one buddy!

Well it’s off to bed to rest up for our Sunday hike and trip to the Farmer’s Market…and an attempt at making a “spaghetti” dinner 🙂 Gotta love Sundays!


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