Farm Fresh and Celebs

Good morning readers! This morning was a little bit of a lazy one…I had planned on whipping up a batch of pancake for all my boys, but I just did not want to get out of bed this morning (nor did I get myself to go on my run…oopsies). I figured I ought to do something slightly creative with my Kashi and cheerios mix:

Yes I know I am totally lame 🙂

Now Since I still have an intolerance to most lactose products, milk especially, I use almond milk. The biggest issue I have with almond milk is that there is little to no protein content in it. The best way to doctor up your almond milk, because it is indeed delicious: add in some whey protein. Not only is whey incredibly beneficial to maintain and gain lean muscle, it makes almond milk taste even better! If you have not done so, you ought to try out almond milk sometime (just be sure to get the unsweetened to avoid the sugar overload).

Which brings me to my challenge for you all this week:

Try to incorporate a new healthy food item (preferably produce) that you have never tried before into your diet. If you are feeling a little extra courageous, take it a step further and take out something unhealthy in your diet for something new and healthy. For example: Instead of pasta, swap that for quinoa! Or instead of Tortilla chips, swap that out for edamame. possibilities are endless. It can even be something as simple as store brand peanut butter (which typically has added partially/fully hydrogenated oils, salt, and even sometimes sugar), for plain unsalted peanut butter.

Since our new boys (Codey and Tyler) were still sound asleep, Mat and I decided to hit up the farmer’s market in Studio City a little earlier this morning  before showing them the adventures of Runyon Canyon. Boy of boy did we get carried away:


Honestly, it is hard to look at these and not think to yourself ” wow nature is incredible.” Our earth provides us with some of the most amazing edible gems, with such exhilarating colors! Each time we walk around the farmer’s market I am just stunned at the beauty in each and every product – not to mention the smell of all the herbs available….mmmm Heaven!

When the boys finally woke up, we headed off to Runyon after having fueled up with a banana and some delicious cookies that my thoughtful mother had sent me (see pic below!)  – Normally we would have chosen something new, but we figured they ought to experience the most popular hike…and it was a good thing we did because we walked right by Puff Daddy/P.Diddy/Sean Combs/ or whatever he goes by these days….of course Codey recognized him said hey, and I had no clue who he was until after he walked right by me on the way up!

mmmm thanks mom!!

We wrapped up the early afternoon with a little Freshii – delicious!!! You can’t go wrong with that place – you can get anything whichever way you want it, and they will make it to perfection. I got the same thing as last time – except to avoid the major mess that I made I just settled to make it a salad and ate the left overs of Mat’s phenomenal BBQ chicken wrap.

Now it is off to do errands and wrap up the weekend 🙂
I hope you guys are thinking about the new food item you plan on incorporating into your diet this week! (ever try lychees?)


Tell me whatcha think!

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