One Gooey, One Green…both surprisingly healthy!

This Sunday morning started off with an attempt at these sinfully tasting pancakes; which, believe it or not, are quite healthy, and very low in cholesterol. Tasty? Healthy? WIN!

I used the Pamela’s Baking Mix, recommended by our neighbor Sarah, to whip up some healthy pancakes this morning. Per usual, I changed up the recipe a little bit (yep-it’s the control freak in me), and only made half a batch since left overs never get eaten at our place.

½ cup Pamela’s baking mix
1 egg white
2 TBSP unsweetened apple Sauce
Just under ½ cup of water
1TBSP Organic vanilla extract
Cinnamon to taste…and sprinkle on top J
Optional: apple and or banana slices

They may not have been entirely light and fluffy, but light and gooey was just as, if not more, satisfying. On the side I put together some raspberry yogurt with whey added in (gotta get a good amount of protein in to jumpstart the day!) topped off with some berries and granola

Afterwards we made our trip to the Farmer’s market. We had planned not to get too much…but yet again, we got a little carried away with produce – at least we’re buying healthy stuff! Not to mention, I got to try a wheat-grass shot for the first time! Wheat-grass is full of benefits such as: increased natural energy, improved mental clarity, cellular detoxification, and improved immune system. And, best of all…it is all natural and a clean source of energy for your body.


I was pretty hesitant, because it does look very gross – I mean, who wants do drink a dark green, funky smelling juice?


I did and I actually LOVED it! Then again, what else would you expect from someone who who could eat vegetables all ay long and never get sick of it?!

Now we’re off to fight the Labor Day madness at the Outlets. 10 bucks says I will not be a happy camper half the time with the lack of common sense people have during these types of sales. Exhibit A occured yesterday when we took a trip to IKEA after work to get a table and some shelving units  to make the apartment more “home-like.” It seemed like a good idea initially; however, we forgot it was a Saturday AND Labor Day weekend…meaning, the store would be swamped with families and new college students, and worst of all: screaming babies! Thank goodness there was a Yogurtland right around the corner. We definitely deserved it after mauling through the madness!

What’s the plan for tonight? My spin on a ceviche with an Asian spin (fingers crossed!) and having fun building shelves (wahoo!)

Happy Sunday!

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