Cheviche with an Asian Twist

Our local fresh produce / go-to oriental food shop, Farmboy, has this AMAZING cucumber salad:  (which I have been wanting to create a larger meal out of. )

mixture of bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, celery, and onions marinated in mint leaves and vinegar

At the same time, I have been wanting to try out a cheviche dish  I saw at a local restaurant. A cheviche Central/South American inspired dish usually soupy and involving shrimp or some other kind of raw seafood with lime and chili flavoring; however, it does depend on which region of South America you travel and try it. For example, in Ecuador they might prepare it in a tangy tomato sauce, where as in Guatamala they may prepare it in lime juice with onion, Worcester sauce and pepper. (compliments of
Sunday evening I made an attempt at my own personal version:

deliciously enjoyed outside 🙂


This was such an easy dish, and quite refreshing!! I just thawed some frozen cooked shrimp, and baked some spaghetti squash, and mixed it all together – simple and delicious ( I added a few mushrooms into mine just for a little extra variety hehe)! I decided to add in shrimp (versus something like chicken) because it can be enjoyed nice and cool and it really absorbs the flavor combination of the vinegar and cucumber.  Not to mention, it is and excellent source of protein, and very low in fat (hint hint to my clients at Crunch 😉 )

If you are ever in the mood for some kind of healthy Asian option, and are not a fan of sushi – I highly recommend searching for (fresh) prepackaged seaweed salad or cucumber salad and garnish it with your protein of choice. I recommend either fish or grilled chicken, but it is totally up to you!
As I always say, step outside your boundaries and try something new! Mix and match flavors and textures, and really allow your taste buds enjoy the ride!

Tell me whatcha think!

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