Fashion’s Night Out – L.A.

As many of you know, I am still fairly new to the blogging world, and really do enjoy keeping it up as a personal hobby of mine to share my food reviews, recipes, and health & fitness tips. However, since moving out to L.A. I have really wanted to pursue the networking world, and meeting new blogger who shared the same / similar interests as myself. Well Google was absolutely  no help in finding way to meet fellow bloggers in my area. It was not until one of the members, Shana, at my job approached me about the “VIB” (very important bloggers) event being held to cover part of L.A.’s “Fashion’s Night Out.” She assured me that it would be a great place to network with others, while enjoying lovely cocktails! I admit that I was a little hesitant because I do not know my way around L.A. (besides the routes I take on a daily basis), but I figured – why not, what did I seriously have to lose….not to mention opportunities do not typically come around like this.

The VIB event was held at the lovely Luxe Hotel on Rodeo Drive. Shana and her fellow PR crew did an excellent job putting this gathering together. First up was complimentary bags – which I did not have much time to go through until I got home, but it was filled with many goodies and promotions…the best were the DIVINE truffles, compliments of the hotel (which sadly melted en route back home).

I unfortunately was unable to stay for much of the event; however, I did have the great pleasure in indulging in a few beverages to review on from the hotel. First up were the Raspberry Soup Appetizers, basically a frothy raspberry smoothy. These were recommended by the greatly hospitable Marketing Director of the Luxe, Charles Harris, who caught me eying them early on:

A perfect 10! I had to refrain myself from having about 20 more of these bad boys 😉

Next were their adorable caprese kebobs offered for light munching. Unfortunately, I was unable to enjoy these – I didn’t want to risk a flair-up from my lactose intolerance….that may have been embarrassing ha!

At least they were cute to look at!

Before heading down to walk by the festivities, I had to try out two of my favorite drinks: Pinot Noir and Champagne.

Their 667 Pinot, in my opinion, was of great quality. It went down smooth, while leaving a rich and smoky after taste – just how I like it! Due to my size, and tolerance for alcohol (yep, I am quite the cheap date!), I made sure to drink only half…maybe a little more, in order to indulge in some bubbly!

Honestly, I have had better (I am sure may have). Do not get me wrong, this was quite divine – I personally felt like it needed a little extra spark, or it could have been slightly dryer.

The streets of Rodeo were flourishing with fun fashion, Circ de Solei performers, adn carnival-like food trucks. This one was probably my favorite:

My immaturity got the best of me when I saw this food truck 🙂

No, I did not try one of these..I don’t think I can even remember the last time I had a hot dog (gross!). The other trucks featured buttermilk pancakes and waffles, one featured lobster rolls, and so many more all along Rodeo. Unfortunately, I was unable to hit up each foodie truck — I was a little concerned with the traffic to get home and rest up for an early day of training!
I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be invited to the VIB event  through Shana  (what a sweetheart, not to mention a dedicated go-getter in the gym!), and have the pleasure to meet some great bloggers in LA…finally!


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