Beautiful Weather, Football, and Cars…yesss please!

First off, in honor and memory of those who lost their lives, the brave that risked theirs, and to all those who had their loved ones taken from them -my prayers and thoughts are with you

This morning began  with a nice cool walk around the neighborhood (the only thing missing was a fun puppy — too bad our landlord won’t allow it.). My little creativity kicked into play when we came back in for some breakfast, and I decided to create a smoothie-esque bowl of cereal.

It was real simple – I just added yogurt in with my almond milk and Cheerios, topped off with some granola and a ring of berries 🙂 …along with a big handful of berries on the side as well 🙂  I love traditional breakfasts, but I can never resist trying to add a little edge to my meals – it’s always fun to mix things up a little bit.

After perusing through the Studio City Farmer’s Market (which I just found out is a year-round market..YESS!!!) and going to church, Mat and I were absolutely famished. I really wanted to try something new, but our growling stomachs lead us right to our new go-to lunch spot: Crave Cafe! Holy Goodness, you know a place is a hot spot when the line is just about into the street!!! I admit I grew insanely cranky by the time we finally got to the register and order…and about ten minutes following our orders:

Devoured in about 0.2 seconds!

I decided to switch up my usual grilled chicken sandwich, and had them swap in turkey instead — wise decision. They have excellent quality turkey, and even better…it is all organic!
And I have to comment on the beautiful feeling within the air outside today in Sherman Oaks: not to hot not too cold, bright and sunny, and best of all….it is the first NFL Sunday of the season!!  This is when you can just feel the joy of autumn approaching…now if only we had a beautiful foliage and pumpkin patches like New England 😉 oh well, can’t win them all!

Now it is off to begin the madness of car shopping!! It looks like Mat’s little Passat is hanging on its last gear these past few weeks, so we ought to look before it stops working!

Tell me whatcha think!

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