Come Onnnn Now…Quit Your Complaining!

I want to take a second to give Traci, my beautiful cousin (who is about to get married! woohoo!), props for a lovely text she sent me a few days ago. Now we chit chat on and off every now and then, we both live busy lives so it is always fun to hear from her when I least expect it. This most recent catch up deserved recognition:

This is my lunch today … A few peaches, some greens mixed with tomatoes, olives, tomatoes, broccoli & cheese for a salad & two small potatoes. Cost $6. I think that’s a bit over the top, when I could have filled this container up three times more with fried chicken wings & french fries for $5… Eating healthy is a real bitch!

Hey Trac: you save more in the long run, my sweet southern belle!
You may think you are spending more upfront for nutritious staples, but we have to remember that to maintain a healthy body, we have to remember that it is NOT just about calories in vs. calories out, it is about the QUALITY of these calories.
Get the most bang for your buck – buy veggies, whole grains, fruits, lean proteins, nuts, and low fat dairy, and steer clear of processed junk such as the salami, hot dogs, Twinkies, oreos, french fries, breaded chicken, fast food, etc. Not only will these clean and healthy foods keep you feeling great, but the investment in healthy choices now will prevent from having to invest even more in doctor & hospital visits, medications, etc. Invest in now what you can prevent later in life 🙂

Another complainer I have on my hands is my fantastic client Holli. She will do what I say, but she always has to complain about it first. She is another soon-to-be bride

I suggested a low sugar diet for her, and after about two weeks of me hounding her high sugar and low fiber intake, she is FINALLY complying with my advice!  The combination of that and me whooping her butt during our training sessions helped bring her down 9lbs pounds, and she has already dropped about 10% of her body fat!! I am so proud of her life style changes by cutting things such as some cookies, miscellaneous candy and gelato. She also did a great job of switching from her Puffins cereal to shredded wheat (which she calls cardboard) always brings me a printed out copy of her weekly food log!

After a GREAT session with my Holli this evening 🙂

Cutting out refined sugars such as soda can be one of the most difficult things in changing up your diet; in fact, Holli just sent me a text yesterday admitting that it was almost as hard as when she quit smoking (which I am proud of her for doing!).  However, she does text me just about every day about something stressful she had to go through asking if she could have gelato….well when I KNOW she has already snuck in a root beer at some point, I let her know she ought to resist and grab some fruit for her sweet-fix.

Always remember that investment in health now will prevent bigger investments that might have to be made later in life.  And think of your calories intake like your car’s gasoline — the better the grade, the better the performance. It is well worth the extra few bucks to use a higher quality to keep that engine going! Treat your body well and it will treat you well later down the road 🙂

2 thoughts on “Come Onnnn Now…Quit Your Complaining!

  1. you are wise beyond your years, grasshopper ; )
    love you, chiquita!
    keep up the awesome, motivating and beautiful work – we all appreciate it – even if we do shed some tears along the ride ; )

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