The Two F-Words!!

Fall & Football!!

mmmmm autumn is constantly on my mind lately..which only put me in the mood to make…apple cinnamon pancakes!!

how do you like our make-shift patio "table" (aka one of our dining room chairs)

I used the recipe from the last time I made pancakes – except I added in extra apple slices 🙂 Then topped it off with some vanilla chai flavored yogurt, apple slices, and granola…and tossed in a small spinach egg-white omelet on the side. The air was nice and crisp this morning, so Mat and I decided to share our breakfast outside in our comfy sweats 🙂

There are so many reasons to love fall, and I tend to catch myself pretending that I am still back in New England, with the crisp air, pumpkin patches, hot apple cider, and the BEAUTIFUL foliage. But I guess I have to settle for commercial fall things that you can get anywhere (and I still love non-the-less):
Football, apples, Hallmark decorations, cool mornings, and soon enough will be the Halloween specials on t.v.!!! hehe

After a morning of errands and cleaning (compliments to Mat on the cleaning part!) we headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings (aka B-DUBS) to watch some FOOTBALL!!!! Being a native New England girl, you can definitely peg me to be a major Patriots fan. Since they were playing the San Diego Chargers, Mat and I found it necessary to head out to B-Dubs to catch the game and a late lunch. Now places like this place hardly ever have any kind of healthy options. So sometimes we have to improvise:

I opted for a Grilled Chicken sandwich with the wing sauce on the side (I couldn’t decided on a flavor, so I asked for two: Caribbean Jerk, and a Jammin Jalapeno). It is always a good idea to ask for any kind of sauce to be on the side, this way you prevent any type of over-consumption. Also, this entree is normally served with french fries; however, I kept it healthy by asking to sub the fries for their “veggie boat” with pico de gallo. And, what is football season without  some beer?! Opt for a low-cal beer (especially when they give it to you on tap) – like this Michelob Ultra.
Football season can really shoot daggers at a healthy diet, but if you make a few tweaks here and there to some staple tailgating foods, you can get by without packing on the pounds 🙂

  • Go easy on the tortilla chips, and load up on veggie slices to dip into your salsa
  • Skip the ranch and mayo based dips, and go for salsa with melted low-fat cheese
  • Sip on some light beer – a good game will carry on, allowing you to have a few brews without over-doing it
  • Swap the beef for a leaner option like turkey or chicken — and make sure to grab it grilled, NOT crispy!

What are your tips / secrets to keeping your tailgating menus healthy?


2 thoughts on “The Two F-Words!!

  1. Oh, Fall is my favorite season! I love the crisp mornings along with the smell of pumpkin spice. As for tips on tailgating/football get togethers I think it’s always smart to search for the veggies whereever they can be found! Agreed on grilled lean meats, and I try to keep away from the beer but if you must try to set a max of 2 and keep the promises you make to yourself. You will always feel better that you did at the end of the day. :)!

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