Happy Fall (officially)!

Today was the official start of the best season 🙂   While I did have work and a bunch of errands throughout today, I made sure to incorporate as much fall things as possible!! After my morning client, and before my cardio workout I figured I would  begin my autumnal celebration early by picking up a hot cup of pumpkin flavored coffee served up by the one and only Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf.

I got a little creative and asked them to add in a little bit of their NSA vanilla powder, which gave it more of a pumpkin creme flavoring…mmm what a way to say “Gooooood mornin!” While Autumn is by far my favorite season while I am at home – today was the beginning of doing as much fall fun things to keep myself in that mind-set. I will just close my eyes and pretend LA has beautiful maple trees whenever I get overwhelmed with all the smog!

After dinner, Mat and I went out to our new habit – Humphrey Yogart. At first, I was not a huge fan…but lately we have spent just about every day over there (there could be worse things being addicted to!)
One of their flavors tonight was cinnamon (YUM!), and I had them add in pumpkin puree and some graham crackers….

holy delicious-ness!!

This was just like a replica of a light and fluffy piece of pumpkin pie.  The one and only issue I had with this one was that the guy forgot to add in the pumpkin originally; so, by remixing everything, it softened it up even more. Thus, I could not savor and enjoy it as long as I would have liked to. You can kind-of tell by the picture that it ALREADY started melting – oh well.

Next up was some shopping!!! Hooray for great sales at Old Navy to spice up my wardrobe a little, since it currently consists of athletic-wear, jeans, and t-shirts….and I needed a few nicer items for a new employment opportunity (stay tuned for THAT post next week with all the details!). Anywho, fall fashion is possibly one of my favorites – yes, summer is fun with bikinis and sundresses, but there is a cozy feeling that comes with all the earth-tone sweaters.
Our evening ended with Starbucks…I honestly do not think I can go a day without either Starbucks and/or Coffee Bean.
This evening’s beverages of choice:
Hot Caramel Apple Spice for Mat, and an Apple Chai Infusion for me. I think this might become my new nightly drink from now on 🙂 I originally wanted tea; however, noting was sparking my interest. So the Batista recommended this infusion for me, which they do not have on the menu anymore. What a wonderful recommendation…and a great way to top off the evening 🙂
 Happy Fall!


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