Patriots Fans of L.A. Rejoice!!

As a Patriots fan, it seems like everywhere I end up I am typically talked down to for being a fan. Back when I went to school in North Carolina, everyone would give me such crap for being a fan…luckily I would have Mat and our good friend Adam, who was from Massachusetts, to catch the games with! Well when we moved out to L.A. I was wondering how many, if any, fans we would be able to find out here – since we are on the complete opposite side of the country. The past two Sundays we have run into several obnoxious fans of other football teams (cough, cowboys cough), which just gave me several headaches – making the games far less enjoyable for me (especially with last weekend’s loss).

Thank goodness for Sonny McLean’s Irish Pub & Restaurant of Santa Monica. This gastropub is best known to be the home for all New England sport fans out here in LA. Mat and I felt right at home when we walked in to see a bar full of Mayo, Welker (my future hubby), Brady, and even Bruschi jerseys…as well as a few Raiders jerseys (boooo!). It wasn’t too crowded but also not completely empty. There was a good mix of die hard regulars, local college kids, fans from other teams, and the generally passionate Pats fans, like me and Mat :).  The energy was high as the game started, and Mat and I began our afternoon with a mug of their Sam Adams Oktoberfest, for Mat, and Blue Moon, for me. After placing our orders, it took a while for our food to arrive, which annoyed me a little seeing as I was really hungry. After about 25 minutes passing by, our food finally arrived!

Mat got the Grilled chicken sandwich, and I got the Turkey Avocado sandwich, and since I wanted to add and get rid of a few things that were on the menu, our waitress was nice enough to have everything put on the side for me 🙂 This helped to exceed my low expectations for this gastro-pub food – you cannot really go too wrong when you’re given the chosen ingredients to pile on yourself. All in all it was exactly what I was craving while watching the game. Mat said his sandwich was pretty good, apart from the sweet brioche bread, which was pretty oily for his liking. But what more could you expect from a sports bar. Just like I said before, it was hard to go wrong when they gave me a blank canvas to craft my sandwich on.  I was able to put as much or as little of each topping on the sandwich as I wanted. Good quality of turkey with a perfect amount of peppercorn flavor, fine quality of toppings which included arugula, tomato confit, red peppers, jalapenos, and avocado.

Looks like Mat and I (and any other Boston sports fans in LA) have found our new spot for catching Pats games. While I may not be looking to eat there every time (a tad pricey) we will certainly be going to relax, enjoy some drinks and watch some football!

We decided to leave at halftime to go run some errands then catch the final quarter back at the house. While out, we ran into our favorite little grocery store Farmboy to grab some veggies for a stir-fry dinner. We figured we would go light on dinner since we had such a “carb-heavy” lunch (and some fro-yo mixed in between lunch and errands…). Tonight’s dinner calls for LOTS of veggies and possibly some shrimp tossed in the mix for a itte protein boost – yum!


Do you have a favorite go-to pace to catch your favorite sports teams?

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