Hi-Ho Hi-Ho it’s off to PiYo I go!

It seems like the group fitness world is continuously blossoming with newer and more creative classes. Remember when it used to just be step aerobics, jazzercise, and those at home DVDs with Jane Fonda? Now we have all these fancy variations and of calisthenics to manipulate our bodies and “shed those pounds.”

I recently grabbed a schedule of classes offered at our nearby 24 Hour Fitness to help keep my motivation to get to the gym and try out new things. While I may be a trainer, I am still guilty of not having enough motivation to get myself in a good workout routine every now and then. There were not many time slots available for classes (even though this location IS open 24-hours); however, they did have several classes that I have never tried before, one being PiYo.

PiYo is a combination of pilates and yoga with and athletic twist to it. This exercise is performed on your basic yoga or pilates mat, and you are constantly moving at different paces. You could say that it is a lot like a vinyasa style yoga – but pilates plays a major role with the core-work movements. This class has only been active for three months on the schedule, and sadly only offered once a week! I will tell you one thing: it is pretty much well worth the wait. The instructor, Beth, is incredibly active throughout the entire class. She has a flowing way of instructing what to do with our bodies while still throwing in several improve jokes – which is great for the type of person who always glaces at the clock to see how much longer until class is over (yep, I am guilty of that too!). My attention was kept for the entire class trying to flow and hold one deep stretch to another (while holding my balance!!). The athletic portion of this exercise comes from the upbeat pace, and several varieties of lunges…which made me regret doing legs the day before-ouch!!!

Do you have a favorite new-style group exercise class these days?

By the end of the class, I left well stretched and more relaxed, with a little bit of sweat…and a hankering for a tasty fall dinner 🙂

I had a big ‘ol eggplant chillin in the fridge  from the farmers market , which I decided to be as low maintenance as possible with. I chopped up the eggplant to toss into a plan alongside some chopped summer squash and zucchini, spritzed some EVOO and a few dashed of oregano and popped it in the oven for about 40 minutes at 400-degrees.

I knew this would not be substantial enough to keep me full so I grilled and chopped up a chicken breast which I put a paprika & chili powder rub on.

A nice light dinner, which still allowed room for dessert:

mmm mmm Yogurtland recently their pumpkin pie flavor!! I mixed this with their french vanilla flavor and topped off with a few bananas, chocolate caramel bites, graham cracker bits and a cherry 🙂 This made for a nice refreshing treat with the warm fall flavors…oh boy do I love the festive holiday months of October – December – and the incredible flavors that come along with it!

Tell me whatcha think!

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