What a Sweet Treat Friday is!

TGIF everyone!! Today is a special day because Mat is on his way home from San Francisco :). I am not sure which emotion I was feeling more so while he was gone – either slightly bummed because I missed him, or complete jealousy, because I’ve been wanting to go there…..I’m gonna go with jealousy hehe.
I was very excited for him to come home, and wanted to have a few surprises waiting for him…one being a little fall-style brownie experiment! My lovely mother sent me a packet of  “single serving” brownie mix by Pamela’s. The directions are SO easy: all you need to do is add in a little water and oil, pop it in a pre-heated 350-degree oven for about 20 minutes and enjoy! In fact, for an even faster brownie, there are cooking directions for the microwave (ready in minutes!!). Now, I am not a fan of microwave-ready desserts…it kind of takes away from the “baked-goodness” of them. I also wanted to add in a few fall flavors into this brownie mix, as well as split it up into little bites.

ingredients 🙂

I was going t oreplace the oil with apple sauce, like I normally do; however, when I opened the jar, it gave off an incredibly pungent acidic smell!! Curiosity got the worst of me when I dipped my finger in to asses it’s quality…EW! Not to mention, the feshness date said it would be good until December 2012..LIARS!

I still made due with using extra pumpkin puree, and apple butter. Now Mat is partial to pumpkin-flavored things, so I split up the mixture and made a few brownie bites with:
2 TBSP water
3TBSP apple butter
A few dashes of cinnamon

The second half I used:
1 TBSP water
2 TBSP Pumpkin puree
1 generous TBSP apple butter
A few dashes of cinnamon

I poured the batter into mini cupcake wrappers before sending it off into the oven for 20 minutes.

I attepted to make the pumpkin ones look marbled...turned out to be a partial fail..oops!

The aroma of chocolate, pumpkin, apple, and spices was VERY welcomed by my little nose as I took these bites out of the oven. And yes, I purposely made an extra tiny one to taste before putting them away…hey, I have to make sure they pass the taste-test!

A few other Fav. treats I picked up included:

sweets for my sweety 🙂 ha

oh and an energy drink for a gym session tomorrow morning 😉 haha! Now he cannot be mad at me for being a total health nut, because I DO cave-in every now and then and bring home some sweet treats from the grocery store.

After a morning of cardio [35 Min on the Stairmaster, 20 on the Arc Trainer…WARRIOR!]  and cleaning, it’s off to have a fall play day, which includes on thactivities such as:
Searching for a good Pumpkin Patch
Hitting up the craft store
Cooling off with some Humphrey’s
🙂 oh boy oh boy oh boy! I am super excited

Happy Friday everyone!


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