Keep on Runnin’!!

I have to admit it, but lately I have found myself to be in a total work-out rut! It might be from the various changes in my life,  or the lack of motivation interfering with my creativity – but I have been finding it a hard to push myself through a fun and invigorating workout…until this morning!
I had been semi interested in trying out Crunch’s Tread Ride Boot-camp class – 30 minutes of interval training on the treadmill followed by group fitness resistance training; however, I am absolutely awful at running on the treadmill. I tend to find myself staring at the damn clock wondering why time cannot pass by any quickly, which is why I generally just keep my running outside.

I had originally planned on going back to some of my old workout routines I did in college, but unfortunately there were no available elliptical (surprise, surprise!).

30-minute Treadmill Boot-camp:

[Helpful Hint: never allow the incline to go below 5%]
Grab a set of hand weights (I used 5lbs) – make sure you get a treadmill that will hold your hand weights when you’re running.

Time                    Activity              Speed           % Incline
0-3min                Warm-up                     3.5                    5%
4-6                             Run                         6.5                    5%
6-7                  Bicep Curls (SLOW)        4.5                   10%
7-8                   Shoulder Press               4.5                   10%
8-9       Alternating Hammer Curls         4.5                   10%
9-10          Bent Elbow Lateral Raise      4.5                   10%
10-12                 Fast Run                          7.5                   7%
12-13             Bicep Curls (SLOW)        4.5                   10%
13-14                 Shoulder Press             4.5                   10%
14-15    Alternating Hammer Curls        4.5                   10%
15-16        Bent Elbow Lateral Raise       4.5                   10%
17-18                     Fast Run                      8.5                   10%
18-19             Bicep Curls (SLOW)            5                     10%
20-21                 Shoulder Press                5                     10%
21-22    Alternating Hammer Curls           5                     10%
22-23        Bent Elbow Lateral Raise         5                     10%
23-25                Fast Run                             8                       7%
25-30               Cool-down                        3.5                 5% (work your way down to 2%)

Whew!! After that heart-pumping workout, a warm bowl of steel-cut oats what just what my belly demanded! Fortunately, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf offers up an amazing cup of steel cut oats with your choice of toppings:

I kept mine simple, and just added in bananas and tossed in some cinnamon…which paired deliciously with a french vanilla flavored coffee.

Speaking of running, I want to give a CONGRATULATIONS to a former Crunch client of mine: Ashley. She took part in a half marathon this past weekend all the way in Detroit, Michigan.

Sorry Ashley, I totally stole this off your facebook 🙂 don't hate me hehe

She truly inspires me because each year she picks a different state to take part in either a full or half marathon. This is her creative way to visit all 50 states – how cool is that?!? Not only is she attempting to visit all 50 states, but she is doing it in such an active and goal oriented way. Not to mention, participating in such a strenuous race every year! This girl would wake up at the crack of dawn before work to either meet with me at the gym by 6:30 (thanks for dealing with my tardiness Ashley!!), or go on a long run. She really is a great role model for people wanting to go above and beyond. Oh yeah, and what is even more crazy about this girl: she went to boarding school with my cousin Traci in Mass. several years ago!!!

Is there anyone in your life who inspires you to want to go above and beyond your fitness goals? who is it?


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