Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

As many of you know, I always look forward to my Sunday morning trips to the Studio City Farmer’s Market. While there are several stands of fresh produce, they also have several bakery stands – one in particular had been catching our eye every Sunday: Jinou Edible Art. Each week I would stop by with amazement in the fine detail that go into each and every tart, cookie, cake, and quiches. Not to mention I would always think to myself, “what a guilty pleasure addiction this place would be if I bought one thing. Week after week, we resisted…until this morning.

oh la la, tres magnifique!

I had the pleasure in meeting Jinou, herself, this morning to learn a little more about her decadent nibbles! Everything is either Vegan and / or wheat free, unprocessed, and contains minimal ingredients — now that is what I’m talkin’ about! Her recipes are several hundred years old, some date back as far at the 15th century! Many of the recipes are almond based, so it is a tasty way to sneak in those healthy monounsaturated fats. It was a tricky decision on which product to purchase and try out. After a few indecisive minutes of grazing over each treat, I figured I ought to choose the most traditional one: the Croix de Lorraine

I LOVE how creative she gets on her decorations!

The recipe for this mini cake dates back all the way to the 17th century, which is a great way to know how clean of a treat it is. By clean, I mean minimal to no processing and as little ingredients as possible. In fact, this only contains natural powdered almonds, sugar, egg whites, praline powder, and vanilla – that’s it! Many of her products are shipped overseas to her because she will use only the purest and best grade of ingredients, which you can taste in each and every bite.

At $5 a cake, it was worth every penny. This was perfectly moist with a fine texture from the almonds, which provided a light nutty flavor and a subtle sweet undertone. The abundance of almonds make it VERY filling, making it the perfect treat for two<3.

Each item of hers is perfected all the way up to the finishing touches in flavor and art. Jinou’s stand is definitely a hidden gem, which ought to be tried by everyone at least once! The absolute finest, and freshest of cakes…not to mention healthy…in moderation of course 😉

Be sure to check out the beautiful artwork that goes into her assortment of goodies: Jinou’s Products

Remember, when possible, support your local farmers and bakers – it is the best way to get top quality for your dollar – and it is a wonderful way to make a new friend, or at least a friendly acquaintance!

Tell me whatcha think!

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