Pump up your Workout with BodyPump

I have yet again found myself getting bored and inconsistent with my workout routines, and in search of motivation to really get my hiney kicked during my workout sessions. I fall quite guilty of not pushing myself beyond what I think I can do. There are two classes at my 24-hr fitness location which require a pre-signup due to high volume of participation: spinning and BodyPump. Well, I have done spinning several times (though it has definitely been a while) so I figured why not try out bodypump. My thinking was that since it is a group fitness class, which are typically designed for everyone (especially those new to working out), therefore it ought to be pretty easy. This class really kicked me straight through the behind!! I was breaking a sweat (it takes a lot to really get me sweating during workouts) and actually grunting!

weapons for this shred session!

BodyPump is a Les Mills program product, which was originally designed to help bring more men into the group fitness room scene! Yes, there were several men in the class; however, I had to chuckle every now and them when they had the similar thinking as I did – “I typically lift, so I should use the heavy weights I am used to.” Like me, they struggled quite a bit, especially in the beginning. The theory behind this workout is to perform a total-body strengthening workout, while matching the tempo of the music – which can vary between fast tempo and that slow muscle burning slow tempo (Think about taking 3 full beats while lowering into a chest press, and using 2 to come back up – YOWZAAAA!). Each section of the class will focus on a different body part, typically the length of one song, with the use of an adjustable weighted straight barbell, as well as the use of just the weight plates.

Unfortunately, I fell behind every now and then because I am not used to the constant change in tempo in reps – so I kept second guessing the weight to set my barbell at each time we switched body part focus. Patty, our instructor for that class did a FANTASTIC job at pushing everyone to their full potential, and was very accommodating to newbies, like myself who were totally lost at the beginning.
What really got me through this class, just like any other group fitness class, is the fear of looking like a total wuss – even though the reality is that no one is paying attention to you. I tend to feel like everyone is watching me, which is what really prevents me from not giving it my all for the entire class. It is an obnoxious anxiety characteristic….but hey, it works, and helps me get a great workout!

If you are looking to up the ante, and put your body through something new, give BodyPump a shot! Especially with the holidays making an attempt to increase our waistlines!!
Always aim to try something new with your workout regimen, muscle confusion is KEY to seeing any kind of results.If you really pay attention to your body, this workout will help you see and feel your progress, as you pay attention to the weight sets you use so that you know where you are at with your strength ability.
Have you recently tried a new fitness class that totally kicked your beeeee-hind?


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